Lets Get Cosy

Here, have some tea..

This column is dedicated to all things cosy, comforting and filled with tender loving care.  Ideas, pictures, recipes and thoughts to warm the cockles of your heart!

Leave the world outside, hide away for a moment and think of this column as like the random person who’s nice to you when you’re having a tough day…

and if it all gets too much…… you will just have to take yourself by the hand until things improve

You can hold your own hand when you need to…

but in the meantime……remember to eat well..

Source: sophistimom.com via Jane on Pinterest


……wrap yourself in a blanket, watch a good movie and be nice to you : )

There’s nothing like a good movie…

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  1. Brenda Clifford

    Love it Jane, think this is going to be my favourite as I am a definite lover of all things cosy!


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