This is a year unlike any other. I can honestly say I’ve never felt more powerful.

Back when I started the blog in 2012 I needed healing from medical traumas that haunted me, needed to be myself again. That was the beginning, though I didn’t know it, of using creativity to heal, protect, transcend, and then transform.

Taking that first step of starting the blog set me on a radical path of growth, freedom and fulfillment. On through the years of forced restraint in matters beyond my control I wielded my creativity as a shield until it, or I, became a force. Now that the last shackles have broken I am a dangerous woman, much more than before.

And though you may not have noticed any ‘restraint’ or ‘repression’ I can assure you my movements and actions were, but they were still actions, forward motion, however slow, however shadowed.

I took control of what I did have power over, me. And the inevitable result is that I am more me than I have ever been, plus newly uncorked, empowered, liberated. And those who hoped to bring me down, did their best, even told me about it, are disappointed, for everything they didn’t like before is larger now.

Freedom… The holy grail of modern living. Albert Camus said ‘The only way to be free in an unfree world is to become so free in yourself that your very existence is an act of rebellion.’ And more than ever I believe  a strong self is the only true freedom, creativity a path. If you’re brave enough, bold enough, to take that first step, and another one after that, and another one after that…

Wishing all my readers a Happy Creative New Year. This is the first of a two part post, second part coming soon, xo Jane


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