5 Ways to Make Your Sunday Special

5 Ways to Make Your Sunday Special

1. Have a Family Coffee Morning

This is basically a way for parents of small children to buy time in bed that would otherwise never happen. It’s most likely too early to even think about breakfast yet so we’re talking everyone in our bed, a tray with the essential coffee for us, drinks and snacks for the children plus books, lego, teddies, extra pillows, you get the picture.

Also essential is a good chat. Everyone gets a turn to choose a topic which we then discuss in great detail.  The children love it. They’re always asking when the next coffee morning is. Just look out for that lego, ouch!

sadhbh coffee1

2. Make Breakfast a Special Event

Sunday is sometimes the only day we’re all home, in honour of the fact we might have two special meals, dinner and breakfast, more like brunch by the time we get to it. If we’re having a really big dinner we’ll keep it simple, french toast, pancakes or my favourite, asparagus wrapped in parma ham and roasted in butter with a poached egg on top!!! Edit – Not anymore, I’m a vegetarian now!

What makes it extra special is playing music, setting the table and the company of course. This is another tradition our girls have taken to heart. They love making the table nice and always ask for ‘How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning’…

Another important feature of making it special is to linger. Holds no appeal for small girls but Adrian, Shaylyn and I will stay at the table talking for as long as possible.

Read another breakfast post, get my recipe for easy delicious egg muffins and listen to my favourite version of that song here…http://thatcuriousloveofgreen.com/2014/05/20/janes-fluffy-cloud-egg-muffins/

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3. A Walk with a Difference

Liven up a family walk with a simple nature hunt. I will write up a quick list for the girls of interesting things to find. For example, a brown cow, a black bird, 5 pine cones, a pink flower, a thistle, an oak tree, a briar, buttercups, a white stone…

And if Shaylyn, our big girl is home, we get to have another quieter walk, just the two of us alone. My favourite walking spot in Leitrim? Aughnasheelin and the Sliabh an Iarainn mountain of course! My Dads homeplace, childhood haunt, and landscape of my first novel.


lane long

4. Family Dinner

We don’t do this every Sunday but I love to have people over for a big roast dinner. Again I like to set a nice table, sometimes in an unexpected place like the hall. The girls might colour place mats for each person or bring in flowers from the garden, party size bubbles are always fun at the dinner table, before the food arrives! Bubbles in food, not good.

Food is simple and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed. It’s just little touches that make a difference, more than you might think.

round table dinner

5. Set Intentions for the Week Ahead

Depending what you do on Monday, Sunday can be stressful. I don’t have to deal with this anymore but I remember well the feeling. Even still I like to sit with a notebook and pen, think about the week ahead and work up a schedule with the things I want to do first, followed by essential niggly things, phone calls, paperwork and so on. That’s all you need in your schedule.

Leave out the housework, fb, day job, cooking or spending time with the children because you’ll spend most of your time on these anyway. The things that get lost are those niggly annoying things you put off and sadly the things you really want to do, like writing or painting, spending time with friends, doing something for you.

I find writing it down makes it more likely to happen, writing is like casting a spell. It focuses your attention and makes it harder for you to say you didn’t have time. Whatever you have to do or deal with this week make a point of scheduling the things you want to do and see if it puts a spring in your step today.


4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Your Sunday Special”

  • Fiona was in the bath as I discovered your post. I had tears in my eyes while I read about your girls coloring place mats for your dinner. Then I realized she’d squeezed all of her Dora shampoo in the tub to make soup. You must know that every one of my Virgoan blood cells loves “Writing it down is like casting a spell “. And knowing those “essential niggly things,” hits my home button.
    Lovely post as always Jane.
    Love to you and yours from me and mine,

  • Lovely post – if I had kids I’d definitely try to do that. Even on my own, something to mark a Sunday morning as different would be nice, have been thinking that recently and coming up with various ideas on what/how.
    Do you remember posting a while back about salons? I felt the same about then and have been letting that thought ruminate and finally last week actually mentioned it to a couple of people. Just in a general “you know what I think would be great” kind of a way, sort of testing the reactions to it. Nobody jumped on the idea but nobody was dismissive either and I think a couple of those people would definitely come along. So I think I’ll do one soon – although maybe not until autumn, since I have no outside space and it does get hot here in summer. I had people over for a Tupperware party on Saturday and had made pulled pork in case anyone wanted to stay for dinner. Everyone ended up staying to eat and I got a great compliment from one friend who hadn’t ever been to my place before who said he felt totally relaxed and that I had created a really nice space to hang out in. He even left at about nine to make it to the supermarket before it closed and then came back afterwards. That was kind of funny. So thanks again for all your inspiration on making a beautiful space and then just doing it. 🙂

    • I’m sorry I’ve been so long coming back to you especially as I so appreciated and enjoyed your comment. Your party sounds wonderful and pulled pork! I absolutely love that though I’ve no idea how it’s done. I’d love to hear how your salon goes so please do keep me posted, sounds like the foundations have been laid and at this rate you are well ahead of me. Having said that I haven’t let the idea go, it is still rattling around in my brain. I do believe this house will evolve as I’m evolving and will become a more used and dynamic space. I always find it comes into it’s own and feels more alive when we do something like have friends over for food and chat. Do you find this too? The Sunday thing I’m with you there too. Even if I didn’t have children I’d still want to make days special, I know because I’ve always been this way 🙂 With children it can be difficult if anything, they appreciate the simplest of things but for the adults it can be hard in the rush of children to find peace and happiness, joy yes but a lot of hair tearing too! It is a challenge! I think this is why a lot of parents through sheer exhaustion find it difficult to do these things. I guess all stages of life have their challenges. Thanks for writing, it’s lovely to hear from you <3

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