6 Signs You’re a Witch & What to do About it?

Six Signs You’re a Witch

  1. You’re a woman.
  2. People have always called you a witch.
  3. You believe yourself to be a witch.
  4. You feel a strong affinity with women and the natural world, they used to burn witches for that you know.
  5. You’ve been or are the focus of a witch hunt i.e. people want to kill you for nothing in particular.
  6. You just won’t die will you?

What to do about it?

Rock on witches… 

Here’s a poem…

witch-wife (1)

‘We are Bean Feasa, wise women sisters, healers, or witches. It depends what you need, it depends who you talk to. People travel from across the country, sometimes from out in the world for our help. Charms, cures, curses, though we don’t deal in curses any more, that’s in the past.’ – A quote from my forthcoming novel… 

Read the first chapter by clicking HERE

Feeling sad that you’re not a witch? Not to worry, coming next, ‘6 signs that you’re one of the Fairy Folk.’ Until then here’s another witch poem, by Anne Sexton this time, xo Jane

her kind


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