What’s in a Name?


Two characters from the book in need of great names. Anyone got ideas for me?
Here’s the story…

  1. I have a secret inspiration board on Pinterest for the book, a kind of visual map of images that seem to suit. I will share the whole board sometime.
  2. The problem now is the characters with names that feel right are better written than those whose names are evading me.
  3. To give you a feel of the kind of thing I’m looking for, a few of the names I have and are using so far are Honor, Erin, Devlin, Caer, Edammair, Jaen and Drew.
  4. In short the names don’t ‘need’ to be Irish per se but to have an Irish feel if that makes sense. We’re talking sisters and aunts through the ages.

Btw don’t you think these two ladies look like sisters? I thought the likeness uncanny. The brunette is a painting ‘Lady with a Muff’ by Gustav Klimt while the redhead is unknown to me except in my book where she’s a character ON FIRE and in need of a great, great name to take her to another level of existence…So look at this pair, let your imagination go where it will and tell me, what are their names???
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  1. Does your book have an anglo Irish thread to it? As that might influence the names you choose. Names that are coming to mind are Jennifer, Jade or the very Irish Saoirse.

    1. Thanks Karen I like all your suggestions only one of my daughters is Saoirse and I’m trying to avoid close associations, hence the Jaen over Jane for even a secondary character.

  2. Always loved Reiltín and Aideen. When I was writing stories and the like, one of my favourite elements was christening the characters. I had a notebook and everytime I heard a name I liked, particularly one that was slightly unusual, I wrote it down.

  3. I immediately thought Una when I saw that picture – not sure why. Looking up the meaning of the name, it doesn’t suit at all. But that got me wondering if there’s a website where you can look up names that mean a certain thing and of course there is. Here’s the results for “fire”: http://www.meaning-of-names.com/search/index.asp?nm=fire&stype=1 – and Aideen is one of them so there’s another vote for it! I quite liked Adara from that list, too, which is a Hebrew name meaning fire apparently.

    1. Oh that’s brilliant thank you! Edammair spelled Aedaimmair actually means fire too, might put the A back on so Christine doesn’t have to think of cheese so much!

    1. Ha I know there is that! I Adore Sive spelled any way and I’d love to use it but I’m trying not to use the names of people I know : / Morrigan definitely suits but has it been used too often? Decisions, decisions

    1. Thanks Julie, not feeling Fiona but adding Morrigan to the list though it may be overused perhaps? Not sure. Thanks for rowing in : )

    1. Adding Ailba to the list, haven’t heard it before. Not keen on Caoimhe as I don’t really like names with an ‘eee’ emphasis. It’s a personal foible! Thanks for the suggestions : )

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