A Catch up Poem

My days are the dream I dreamed, the road I took, writing, coaching, painting, my book.

Family life, and tribe, I work from the home that I built in my mind.

I feel peaceful, happy, fearless, fulfilled, the luckiest person who ever lived.

I’m probably not normal but definitely ordinary, I’ve had no special privilege, I’ve known poverty, dark days, single parenthood, I had no education to speak of.

This world I’ve created and everything in it was worth the work that it took to build it.

Now that it’s real, a change I see, what I made is now making me. I am so rich, but have no wealth, I have love, freedom, meaning, health.

I hope you will choose your dreams too, the life you seek is seeking you. 

William Turner – I chose this painting to illustrate how I feel today, peaceful and light…

Hello friends, that just flowed from feeling good, you may have guessed! It’s been a stressful year but the source of stress has been postponed until god knows when. At first that didn’t help much but these past few weeks I’ve been feeling happy, fulfilled and peaceful… I’ve been feeling intensely alive too, alert to every moment, savouring, noticing, seeing, grateful. Like waking after a long illness, I have full use of my body, soul and senses. I am myself again... Chat to you soon, xo Jane





6 thoughts on “A Catch up Poem”

  • If you live in love, as you do Jane – you are always a winner as it’s the only thing that matters!
    Love Bernadette xx

  • Whooo! I love those “high” days, when nothing can get you down… and you’ve had your share of those old black ones. So glad you’re seeing your truth and enjoying it. As for your last poem, How to be free – I adored it, it made me want to purrrrrr.

    • I suppose we can’t have one without the other, goddamn it!!! Thank you Marian, and I’m glad you liked the other one too 🙂

  • So wonderful to read and feel all the joy that emanated from that post! Thank you for sharing it and the painting is perfect. Although there must be some small people hiding somewhere 😉

    • Hahaha! I do like my figurative art best 🙂 Thank you Tig, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Loved your post in the salon last night and didn’t get a chance to respond, very exciting 🙂

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