A New Painting

A New Painting

Good morning friends, Friday again, thank goodness.

I was just saying on fb last night how even though I’m a stay at home mother I still look forward to weekends. I get so tired of routine and the sameness of too many days. I crave, I live for even the slightest changes, like no school run or a small stretch of light of an evening. As Simone de Beauvoir said, ‘I’m from another planet altogether, I mistook the way.’

But here I am and make the best of it. An unsettled, never still, always moving, restless spirit on a routine loving planet. I resist, I fight, from the same meals at the same time on the same day, the same walk on the same road for life. I’ve always been this way.

My physical world is small, it’s four walls, family, a small town, tiny fields, a small mountain. It’s beautiful in the purest sense, like loving children, but it’s demands are endless. Taking care of family and running a home, the school run, timetables, schedules, have to’s and suppose to’s and no choice but to’s.

My internal world, is rich, it is infinite, an endlessly shifting, a blazing horizon.

Now I know the answer to the question of the physical world and it’s demands, to every question, is this other, deeper world. Doing the things that lift you out of the physical, that you get lost and find yourself in.

And how things have changed for me. This time last year I was two months away from finishing my novel, four months away from starting to paint. Writing that is me pinching myself.

This painting is my favourite so far. It started out half green and half black. My plan was to let it dry before adding a vase of flowers or a woman perhaps. I hadn’t decided when I started the trees, the trunks first, then the green, then the yellow.

blog fave

blog fave1

At this point I remembered a painting I’d seen by Matisse that had a house in trees with acres of flowers in front. So I added a little blue house…


And then flowers…
blog fave3

And then even more flowers until I felt finished. Here it’s just sitting on the frame getting dry.

blog fave4

And here it is on the wall…


Though it may get moved to the green wall…we’ll see.

ma me

To say this made me happy would be an understatement, the power of gold couldn’t do as much.

Here’s to a spring like weekend with not a drop of routine for any of us. I’ll leave you with this one minute & fifty four seconds of essential viewing for creatives everywhere, especially if your’re starting out or being hard on yourself for your efforts… click HERE

Chat to you soon, Jane : )

10 thoughts on “A New Painting”

    • What would I do without you here Ann Marie? Too kind and too fabulous and I really appreciate it, thank you and have a lovely weekend too : )

  • Oh I love, love this painting! It was lovely to see how it “Grew”.
    I resent & hate my shackles and I hate the fact that my routines are all of my own making, having only myself to look after. To step out of that routine throws me into a complete state of panic!
    At least your routines aren’t really your own and are set by others, who will grow up all too soon and you will find yourself more “free” with every year!
    I can’t wait to see the next Barry masterpiece!
    K xo

    • Recognising it is halfway there, keep pushing Kerry. But honestly it is hard even when the routine is built around children, it still becomes a prison that is something of a comfort zone or twilight zone maybe!. It gets harder to leave and the children can be used as an excuse to hide behind. Even I, who pride myself on being a bolter, have had to fight this scenario where the cage door is open and I choose to stay in. I say feel the panic but do it anyway, it’s the only way, force yourself until it gets easier xxx

  • As ever, Jane, you hit the spot today!I LOVE your painting – you should be so proud if it. You are so dedicated. I am always fighting routine too, so the weekend is always welcome. I love seeing your painting process. (Today’s my birthday and this has been one of the best presents so far.) You’re a star xx

    • Happy Birthday Marian! I hope you have a wonderful day and I’m happy to have been a feature of it. Thank you for your comment, your kindness and encouragement : )

  • Ira Glass’s words are only common sense, I think, and I am so much a fan of routine you’ll think my comment must be irrelevant. BUT, I want to say how much I agree with your opinion that this is your favourite painting of yours so far because, and I know I probably haven’t seen them all but I think I’ve seen a lot of them, it is mine too. I love everything about it, the depth, the colours and the aspect and whatever else there is to mention. It’s really accomplished.

  • Well that painting is Stunning ! But you knew that right? I too was blown away by Ira Glass’s little piece. Not just by what he was saying but by the original production of it. Wow!!! Knowing that where we are is OK so allows us to move onward.
    Thanks for the refresher course in artistic inspiration!

    • Thanks Marian, I must order that book of hers next, I’m very keen on habit myself, a different thing, thanks for sharing

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