Good oh my goodness afternoon already. Another morning gone like so much sand through my fingers and what have I to show for it?

Yesterday I read back over the first six chapters of my book for the first time in a long time and knew, that when this ‘most intensive edit yet’ is finished, I’m going to have to start again, with another edit….
I’m just letting that sink in.

Meanwhile grey May continues.
Outside is wet, warm and woodsmoke.
Azaleas, mock orange, lilac and rose bushes have doubled in size, even the oak trees we planted have finally budded. This means all the trees, all 60 we planted St Patrick’s Day have survived.

I think, I think if I could just climb up in the sky and pull those clouds back, if I could just finish my book, but then I go outside and look at the trees and know, it’s grey, but it is still May.

Painting: Emil Nolde

emil sea

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