How to be Free

”A survivor, fae, wild creature, figment of imagination, mine. It’s been a fight from the moment of birth, to live free for my time on this earth. A mystery they say, blood of the aliens, I can’t be helped but can help sometimes with my […]

‘Going In’ – A Poem

‘Going In’ – A Poem

‘Autumn drawing to a close is silent, everything is still now. Soon the last leaves will fall, all in a rush, the years final bow. The house and I, today we hide, the fog has carried us away. The outside world has vanished, it wasn’t […]

A New Poem

With each new day comes new hope and regret, regret for the morning, knowing I won’t remember it, hope for the words I might write yet. I’ll linger to imprint, extend and savour, see the flowers linger too this fair October, but it can’t last, […]

The Weekend

The Weekend

Monday again. Monday’s don’t bother me anymore because I’m at home and the things that drive me crazy happen everday, routine, schedules… the dishwasher. If anything I love Monday’s in the same way I love mornings, and January. Fresh starts, new beginnings, and the smell […]

September Morning (Poem)

‘Begin here, September morning, The family’s at work and school. It is strange and good to be alone. There isn’t a sound here, not a sound, not even the cat. I already walked him to his food, he likes me to do that. Now he’s […]


Jane… Jane could no more contain the fire in her brain, the monstrous pain for nights forced her out of her body, to hover formless in the lane. In vain she tried to find herself, remind herself, come home again, but the pain crashed through […]