Cold, Fuel & Armageddon

Hi all, as we head into autumn thoughts naturally turn to preparing for Winter and considering that in recent years we’ve experienced two of the coldest winters in living memory which combined with rising fuel costs and ever decreasing incomes means that my generation are always worrying and thinking and talking about fuel!

Are we properly prepared for winter?  What about all the recent fuel theft??   Should we get turf this year or just go with coal, wood and oil???  Oh yes my friends we will be a fun crowd in our dotage!

What got me thinking about this all the more recently was the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and how it always gets me mentally prepared for Armageddon of astronomical proportions!!

I start mentally filling the back room, sitting room and hallway with turf and wood, I imagine the long life food I will need; I plan how I will make it stretch and fret about menus and not having enough wine!

I calculate how many people could live with us, and also with Tom and Tommy across the field, I even imagine a quick new build in the middle of our two houses to hold the excess!!

I imagine hordes of refugees and having to protect the borders, the veggies and the home brew!  I’m giving you the light version here but truthfully I’m always secretly shopping for a lock down and always have a fully stocked store cupboard just in case!  I hoard things like tinned tomatoes, mixed beans, pasta and rice, what about you?

Tell me your secret plans of survival & heating for Winter 2012/13!

After this post should I expect to see a lot of you on D-Day for a tin dinner and some home brew : )

2 thoughts on “Cold, Fuel & Armageddon”

  • Oh my god this made me howl with laughter…I know EXACTLY what you mean-I’ve made so many lists of what I need and also thought long and hard about logistically where would be best to camp down! I’ve never admitted it to anyone though!

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