Creativity & Freedom Are My Highest Values in Life

Creativity & Freedom Are My Highest Values in Life

Creativity and freedom are my highest values in life. And creativity is a way, a path to freedom. If you choose to follow it, if you go deep enough, you’ll find there is no end point. You will continually be asked to go farther. To places you never imagined. Away from the world and into yourself.

Once you’ve gone there is no turning back. Money, comfort, the feeling of security, judgement, approval, support, opinion, ideas of belonging, attachment, the joy of nice things. They lose all their power. All nice, but,none are worth giving up freedom for.

There are only two groups of people who will understand this. Those who have done it, and those who want to. The way starts with the self. In the words of Albert Camus, ‘The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.’

The unfree world we live in was once only a dream, a thought. People created it. It is no more real than what you can imagine yourself. It only exists because so many still believe in it, and use it to measure their value, their worth.

Doris Lessing once said it never changes because those who would want to change it get crushed or they leave. Like many of you I was never a part of it. But through writing I came to greater understanding and now I am consciously outside. By choice.

My belief is that only the individual can be transformed. That is why I am focused on myself, and other individuals. If you want to be more creative, to live a creative life, if you want to be free, you will be asked to stand outside. But as the saying goes, don’t be afraid to walk alone, don’t afraid to like it.

And when you are forced to re-enter the other world, out of loyalty or care for others, as I was this week, you are only reminded how dark and how ugly it is. What it does to people. Today I am more grateful than ever to have left that world behind. And more determined to help others find the same. To find their own peace, their own power, their own freedom, through creativity, and the power of one.

Happy Friday 13th, lucky for everyone, except misogynists. Go forth this weekend and do something that will make you feel good. That’s the very best thing you can do. xo Jane

3 thoughts on “Creativity & Freedom Are My Highest Values in Life”

  • Dear Jane. very insightful and how true – more and more people becoming enlightened every day! It can be a struggle with the world as it is, so we have to be mindful and search for the truth. We need to be alert to the teachings of wonderful people – like Doris Lessing – who was a true visionary and a force for good.
    With love
    Bernadette xx

    • Thanks Bernadette, if you haven’t read it I loved a book of hers called ‘Walking in the Shade.’ About her life in London in the sixties.

      • Thanks Jane – will look it up. Always remember her reaction when she was told, as she got out of a taxi, that she had won The Nobel Prize for literature!! xx

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