Doing The Work – Editing My Book (Still)

By Konstantin Korovin
Ah morning, how I do miss you… I can do anything in the morning, anything!!! And there is so much I want to do! That’s the problem. The ability will be lost come three o’clock.
At least today I don’t need to go out until 2.30, my favourite kind of day. I’m working on the book and that kind of deep creative work demands so much of what May (Sarton) called ‘psychic energy’. Dear May! I’m reading her again, my copy of her ‘Journal of a Solitude’ is never closed. I found myself in this quote too;
‘I find that when I have any appointment, even an afternoon one, it changes the whole quality of time. I feel overcharged. There is no space for what wells up from the subconcious; those dreams and images live in deep still water and simply submerge when the day gets scattered.’ – May Sarton
Today I’m doing the hardest thing, working on the book. This post is me, gathering thoughts, checking in, taking a break to eat, hello! Even though this late stage editing is going well it’s still daunting, to put it mildly.
Reading a piece on Steinbeck last night, helped tremendously. He kept a process journal while writing ‘The Grapes of Wrath’. Read it HEREAll these great minds, May, John, and the others, help keep me with the task. Here’s something John said…
‘In writing, habit seems to be a much stronger force than either willpower or inspiration. Consequently there must be some little quality of fierceness until the habit pattern of a certain number of words is established. There is no possibility, in me at least, of saying, “I’ll do it if I feel like it.” One never feels like awaking day after day. In fact, given the smallest excuse, one will not work at all. The rest is nonsense. Perhaps there are people who can work that way, but I cannot. I must get my words down every day whether they are any good or not.’ – John Steinbeck
So let’s see…
Fierceness? Check
Willpower? Check, check
Inspiration? It can happen
Habit? Daily
Excuses? Do you know me?
It is also referred to in the Brain Picking’s piece, something I feel very strongly, I want to do the best job I’m capable of. Well I can tell you that I haven’t done that yet. So here I go again for the next few hours. Did I mention my back is killing me? Wish me luck…
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