Don’t ask…

1. Don’t ask ‘what do you do?’ Ask ‘What are you in to?

2. Don’t ask, ‘Have you got kids?’

3. Never ask about a baby, ‘Is she/he good?’

4. When a baby is born ask the mom, ‘How are ‘you‘ ?

5. Don’t dress the husband and children like fashion models and then dress yourself like something from the reject bin.

6. Never say ‘I don’t have the time,’ say, ‘I don’t want to give time to this, I’m giving my time to x, y or z.’

7. When someone asks you to read/look at or listen to something make sure you do. They are showing you a part of themselves in some way and it’s very wrong not to.

8. Don’t talk baby talk to children or old people. This one makes me so angry.

9. Never say ‘my’ back is at me, ‘my’ pain. Don’t own illness or pain. That’s an invitation.

10. Don’t tell a pregnant woman she’s big or huge. If you do, may you get big and huge. If you’re pregnant and someone says that to you just reply, ‘slim people always look bigger when pregnant, what’s your excuse?’ Ouch!

11. Don’t ask, ‘Are you seeing someone? What has that to do with anything? Unless you’re asking them out!

12. Never say, ‘That’s so you, that’s you down to the ground.

13. Don’t say, ‘Have you lost weight? You look great will do.

And that concludes my list of don’t and never do…what did I miss? Don’t do silly lists?


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