Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You…Maybe

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There are many, many things that annoy the hell out of me, dripping taps; the state of the country, Keira Knightleys jaw, coughs, people who stand to close, the fifty shades of grey thing, the list is long…and varied!

All fade into insignificance compared with when my phone rings or I have to make a call, even a nice one!

If I know I have calls to make I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof until they’re done.  I do procrastinate but only up to a point, then its total attack mode until they’re out of the way.  So you see I can handle them I just don’t want to!


marilyn on phone

It’s not just my phone either as I’m also inexplicably ‘annoyed’ when Adrian or Shaylyns phones ring.  I’ll find myself saying in mildly shocked disapproving tones ‘who’s that ringing?’ possibly with the  addition of ‘…at this hour.’  The ‘hour’ getting earlier and earlier all the time!

Back in the halcyon days of work in the wider world I didn’t have this problem.  If I needed to speak to you on business I’d call until you surrendered, on your work landline.

It would need to be pretty serious for me to call your mobile even if you’d said it was ok. I would always feel this wasn’t right somehow, like an invasion of personal space and privacy.  If you’re at home I don’t want to bother you and If I’m at home I want to be left alone unless it’s on my own terms!

Which brings me neatly to knock’s on the door because let’s face it, they’re rarely good either… unless it’s Amazon!

We live in a rural area and knocks on the door here are usually ticket sellers, Jehovah’s Witness’s or increasingly/worryingly someone planning a break-in.  Friends and family are always welcome of course but aside from that my door stays firmly, resolutely closed.


scary doorknocker
Really scary door knocker! Would you knock?


So to sum up I believe a man/woman’s house is their castle, their escape from the world and please don’t call me, I’ll call you…at work, when I’m ready or when I have to…I just won’t enjoy it!


So what do you think, am I alone here?  Let me know your thoughts, just don’t ring them in ok : )

14 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You…Maybe”

  • Well! That is so funny, I didn’t realise there were two of us Jane! My family & friends all know that I’m phone-phobic and I loathe mobile phones too. Not least to use the damn thing out here you have to hang out of a bedroom window! I also detest my husband’s mobile, especially, the new Smartphone and all its plethora of weird noises and the fact that it must travel into every room he visits, it dings, it knocks, it taps etc. all plausible house noises that have me looking round the room fearing death watch beetle! Nobody (but nobody) ever visits here, we live on the lane less travelled unless you’re in a farm vehicle, even then 2 tractors in 2 days would amount to gridlock, but Jehovah’s Witnesses find their way even to my door, with unbelievable thrice yearly frequency. Very cathartic to read your blog and find out I’m not the only one! Cheers!

    • Thanks Kerry! When I was writing it I was thinking I hope people don’t read this and go, ‘what is she talking about?’!!!!!!!!!!! so you’ve saved me there! I have a sister who is much the same but it could have been a family thing you know! I actually love my phone just not for making or taking calls! Funny too how the witnesses get everywhere!

  • My phone rarely rings and still it bugs me when it does! I don’t really mind other people’s phones ringing so long as the call doesn’t result in me having to do something.

    • Or Joanna, in them having to do something that’s going to effect me or that takes them away from something we’re doing or planned on doing, grrrr!

  • My husband furnished me with a staggering fact! Did you know that Eircom’s line rental is the most expensive in the world? Yes, World! Now I’m presuming he’s right, ‘cos he loves facts and figures, but I find that amazing! That is also why I don’t have a landline and the only talking I seem to do is on Facebook! Sad but true! 🙂

    • Nothing would surprise me at this stage! My siblings and I have a secret group on fb and chat a lot on that cause we never see each other these days so I find it great, I think facebook is a great social outlet for those of us that are a bit ‘cut off’. Good to have it : )

  • Definitely not alone Jane. I am currently furious with Vodafone because they won’t stop cold calling me. They phoned last week when I was on my way out the door to a funeral, and I made the mistake of answering. When I said politely, “I’m sorry, I am not available to take a call like this right now.”, the girl I was speaking to asked me to explain why!! I hung up on her because I was afraid of what I’d say otherwise. Did she really think I owed her an explanation when she was cold-calling me on my personal phone?

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