I had the strangest dream last week. All sleeping dreams are strange I think but this one I’ve had more than once and I just couldn’t fathom,

1. Why I had it so often lately. I mean it’s true I’m closely wedded to this stove. I talk about it, cook on it, boil the kettle on it, sit by it, photograph and listen to it, appreciate it, depend on it, practically talk to it, but still! Ok, so I am closely wedded to this house as well.

2. Why I always remember this dream so clearly in the morning and

3. Why on earth I’d be dreaming our chimney fell down?

The whole thing, stones, wall, larger than normal but ours, definitely ours.

On Friday I got my answer, if you believe in premonition, intuition, signs, or whatever you might call it, which I don’t know, maybe…maybe more now, but on Friday we had a fire in that chimney (we have two)

And here’s the biggest thing, the fire was a blessing. Because of it we learned of a fault in the construction, a dangerous, potentially lethal fault, while the fire itself, though frightening, caused no damage, not as much as a puff of smoke.

Of course now I’m trying to solve the mystery of waking up one morning recently to find a bird in the bathroom. No door and no window open. So, who was he do you think? It’s just one great big mystery after another isn’t it?

Has anything like this ever happened to you?  





6 thoughts on “Dreams”

  • Greetings 🙂
    First of all, I just wanna say that I’m very glad nobody was hurt and no damage was done in the fire.

    Oh yes, I’ve definitely had a premonition dream or two.

    For instance, about 3 or 4 years ago my uncle passed away of heart failure.
    That night, I had a dream of him.
    He was just standing there smiling. (Which told me he was happy)
    He was younger and dressed in suit and tie (This told me he was healthy now, and in a nice place)♡
    But the detail I couldn’t figure out was the large books, or photo albums he was holding.. I couldn’t tell which.
    What did that mean?
    I called my mother and told her about my dream because she, too,, has dreams like this.

    A few days passed and my mother was speaking with my Aunt ( my uncles widow) at the funeral.
    She mentioned my dream to her..
    Right away, my uncle’s widow jumped up and said to my mother..
    “That reminds me!..
    Rick (my uncle) wanted me to give you this stack of photo albums!”

    • Wow!!! That is so cool! Some people find these things a bit creepy but I love them, what a great story! Thank you : )

  • Wow.I hope all is well after that fright.What a strange dream to come to fruition.You will sit up and take note from now on I imagine.Premonition is a gut feeling. Anyway good has come from it all. A blessing in disguise. I’m glad all is well.

    • Thank you Sinead, the whole thing is really strange but ultimately a blessing as you say. I’ll be reading all kinds of things into dreams from now on!

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