Eat Well, Dress Well, & Tell Stories #ThatCuriousLoveofGreen

Eat Well, Dress Well, & Tell Stories #ThatCuriousLoveofGreen

One thing that was as true about me at 4 as it is at 44 is that I always wanted to eat well, dress well, and tell stories. What I only realised in recent times is that eating well and dressing well are also stories. Outward expressions of inner things, like history, identity, richness and longings.
I’m happiest when they all come together but to pull any one off is heaven.
Like last nights dinner. It could not have been simpler. I had some beautifully fresh hake fillets and I made a light batter of flour, eggs, pepper, sea salt, and cold water. I cut the fish into strips, dipped in the batter, and fried until golden in a deep pan of blistering hot olive oil.
We ate it in the garden with wedges of lemon, and on the side, potato salad with herbs from the garden, mint, parsley, and oregano, washed down with an ice cold prosecco. The whole seawater, citrus, sea, freshness, greens vibe, perfect for a hot summer evening. ~ Jane

In other news it’s all change on the book cover front. I have a new concept and I love it. I love it so much I can’t choose between two final versions. I shared with the family first and we split down the middle on it. Last night I shared it on my FB page and again opinion is very divided. Have a look for yourself and vote HERE

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