Embracing Dark

Embracing Dark

What’s your plan for winter dark and gloom?  I love all the weather but the dark’s another story. I find all I can do is try to embrace it and go with the flow, try, try, try.  Thank goodness for the distraction of Christmas but outside of that here are some ideas, activities and focus for getting the most from the season…

1.  Paint Something

For now at least most of my house is painted white however the rooms on the North facing side of the house, always darker, always colder I’ve painted in rich dark shades for warmth, cosiness and drama…

Last winter on one of the darkest most miserable days you can imagine I took a notion to paint the sitting room a very dark blue or navy.  As a result we now have a room to die for in winter.

As day turns to night so too does the room.  Firelight, lamps and candles bring paintings to life as the walls go from blue to black creating a magical atmosphere.  Even in the height of lovely summer I have fond thoughts of winter evenings spent here…

Of course any kind of painting cheers everything up and at the moment we’re painting our woodwork in a grey-green colour.  We’ve only  just started but so far I’m loving the results and it’s making me smile everyday to see it…

2.  Soft Furnishings & Cosy Textiles

Whether you’re cold, sad, sick or just have the winter blues there’s nothing so nice as someone putting a blanket over you  and I keep some on my chairs and couches all year round. I love soft textures and rich dark colours for winter, even the beds get a winter makeover…

3.  The Zero Budget Option

At no 3 its my old reliable pursuit of moving the furniture!  If you haven’t tried this I promise you won’t believe the difference it will make to your day and your mood : )  This is something I do regularly when I need to clear the cobwebs from my mind.  In winter I move all the couches and chairs close as possible to the range in the kitchen and to the fire in the sitting room, for maximum huddling and cosiness.

4.  Movies

There are some movie’s that can only be watched on a dark, cold and preferably stormy day and these favourites of mine are perfect for my theme of embracing the dark days and nights ahead.  Each one is a perfect storm in it’s own right!  An intoxicating blend of drama and the darkly held passions of characters wild, bad and truly mad…

You can click on the names here for links to Amazon.

1.  The Wicked Lady  2.  The Black Narcissus  3.  Wuthering Heights  4.  Rebecca

5.  Hot Drinks

Baileys coffee anyone? If not then perhaps I can tempt you with a hot whiskey, hot port, mulled wine or my famous home made hot chocolate laced with rum, cream and crumbled crunchies! I will be making and enjoying all of these in the weeks and months ahead…well it is winter…

6.  Comfort Food

Winter means time for nurturing, relaxing and eating lots of comfort food.  Stews, casseroles and cheese, preferably by a roaring fire with a glass of red wine or port and a gale force wind blowing outside…

7. Catch Up On Reading

This is also a great time to catch up on reading and fireside reading is hard to beat.  Keeping with my theme of ’embracing dark’ my book recommendations offer a feast of drama, tragedy, intrigue and bone chilling atmosphere, enough  to keep you under that blanket by the fire for just a little while longer…

1.  Bronte by Glyn Hughes  2.  Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood and 3.  Dracula by Bram Stoker

Marilyn Monroe on the left and Gregory Peck on the right…

8. Winter Fashion

I don’t know about you but I find winter clothes are the best. From all things to cosy to

sequins, glamour and glitz, after all it’s winter and the party season will be soon upon us…

9.  Let the Housework Go…

It’s winter so it’s dark meaning less need for housework, now that’s an idea to embrace for winter.

So how do you like the plan?  Anything to add to the mix?  What do you love about winter and how do you mean to get through? Let me know your deep dark plans…

12 thoughts on “Embracing Dark”

  • Love your idea of embracing the dark with colors etc. Wish I had thought of that years ago. BTW how are you and your cat getting along now? He may have to come in and snuggle and enjoy the dark with you. I truly look forward to your posts……keep ’em coming.

    • Thank you Mary, happy to hear it : ) Unfortunately our cat has been missing for a week now : ( I’m really sad about it, I suppose there’s little chance of him coming back. I had grown used to and very fond of him, surprised myself..

      • Oh No the cat is gone? I am so very sorry for your and your girl’s loss. Funny little things aren’t they. They creep into your heart while you’re not thinking. So sorry.

  • Jane,
    The holiday decorating starts to take a hold of my brain. Yes, I rearrange the living room to view the tree and the fireplace simultaneously. I roast my husband out. Am in the middle of painting Eamon’s room for a big boy room redo. Turn the heat up and open the windows! And smelling any food cooking in the winter is wonderful. I will actually be as big as a house come the end of February because I’m with you on all the eating, drinking, and slothing too.
    Love your piece,

  • You forgot about brandy coffees! I was just telling a friend about those today. Love this time of year, going to buy to Rebecca and (ahem) switch on the fire.

  • Love this post!!! It’s made me rub my hands together in glee which added to my excitement even further!! Fur lined wellies are on my Christmas list, I’ll feel so snug walking around in them. I can’t wait to get home… there’s a stark lack of the cosy in Italy!

  • Jane I really love reading your blog! I look forward to indulging in each new post. They make me smile! Well done! x

  • Good for you Jane, embracing the cold. I’m still fighting it here in cold Vermont. I like your tips- especially the Bailey’s – works for me!

    Thanks for stopping by blog too!

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