Embracing Dark

Embracing Dark

Are you a lark or an owl?  As a lark I love morning and light and always railed against the night.

Why need we sleep or wake where thoughts rise up black as the dark around us?  Why can’t we stay light as the dawn found us?

If sleep we must and dark be also life, we all, we must, embrace the night…

‘Embracing Dark’ by Jane

I love all the seasons but winter can be hard to love with its cruel ways and all consuming dark.

In the physical sense of the world I think I was 27 when I saw the dark for the first time…

Growing up we lived on the edge of town down a short dark lane that curved between the canal basin on one side and below what we used to call the ‘high lane’ (the old railway line) on the other.

When we were old enough to be out alone by night, the walk from the house to town was grand, a short stroll from our dark nook, casually sidestepping the potholes you knew by heart, not a bother in the world just great to be young…great to be out!

The way home was a quick sprint from light to dark, flying over the potholes at speed until you leapt over the gate, heart in mouth, phew!

What were you running from?  Fear of the living? Fear of the dead?  Fear of the dark or fear itself?  God only knows!  It was a different path but you could at least see the light, the lights of town at one end, the lights of home at the other.  It wasn’t really dark but I don’t think I ever walked it!  There are lights on the lane now and the high lane is gone, it’s a wide sweeping modern road today.

I left home at 19 and moved to Dublin, like all cities it’s never really dark either and the sky is never really black but at 27…At 27 I moved back to Leitrim with five year old Shaylyn and into an old house away from the town and there it was, the real dark.

I remember opening a curtain to look out..nothing, sheer coal pit, all consuming black night.  I remember standing in it and holding my own hand in front of my face, nothing.  Only country people have ever seen this kind of dark but we all know it’s there just the same…

I’ll be back with some thoughts and ideas for ’embracing winter and dark’ how I try to do it even though in my heart I’m a lark.


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  • Is that poem yours? Because it was truly lovely. I lived in the city all my life until we moved to this country house. i was astounded by the stars. And the backyard was so dark, that when the screech and hoot owl couple started up, we thought there were baby pterodactyls out there. City kids! Love the tone of this “just thinking” piece.

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