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Hello dear friends, ‘who all’s there?’ (a very Irish question) Thank you so much everyone who de-lurked and brightened my yesterday. As promised I will get back to you over the weekend. This is just a quick post in the pulse of the moment. A better day, the med’s may be helping.

So every Friday I invite a sharing of creative projects on the blog fb page so we can admire and inspire each others efforts and I thought I’d extend it to here. AND, it means I get to learn a little more about some of the lovely people who visit, here, there, very often. I’m always sending you vibes by the way, the very loveliest vibes.

So, if you’re a writer, painter, crafter, blogger, knitter, builder, gardener, baker or candlestick maker, I would love to see or hear more about your work.

If you are too shy to share your work yet, I feel that, I would still love to hear about it, and you can still go on the good vibes mailing list. You know you’ll never get a better offer 🙂

Now I’ll admit this weekly ‘feature’ of the fb page has been slow on pick up but I don’t feel I should abandon it, but I could change it? What do you think?
I could vary the question? Or we could discuss topics like creative struggle, process, tips? In some form or other I want to keep a regular ‘check in’ of some sort. Or we could just stick to drinks? I’m sick at the moment so it’s water and green tea for me, fume, seethe, bah humbug!!!

Two things before I go…

1. I was in Cavan Hospital today for an x-ray and couldn’t resist a little browse afterwards in ‘Crannog Bookshop’.

‘I’ll just go in for a look,’ says I…

Five minutes later I had €100 worth of books in my fist which I ruthlessly whittled to less than half that, but such finds! I swear, I feel half cured just thinking on it, the unparalleled joy of books.

A notebook, the cover is Dublin city centre in 1773, my plan is to write sketches of my time in Dublin where I lived for ten happy years.

note book

‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron, about blooming time. I’ve been meaning to get that for years.

‘Watercolours Unleashed’ by Jane Betteridge. I love meeting new Jane’s though in my mind, Jane’s, should always be dark. (Sorry blonde Jane’s) I’d never heard of this book so can’t review yet but it looks and sounds beautiful, I’ll let you know.

book haul

Finally a one euro copy of ‘Come Close’ poems by Sappho, greek lyric poet, named ‘the tenth muse’ by plato, circa 630, yes you read that correct….

‘You will have memories
Because of all we did back then
When we were new at this,
Yes, we did many things, then – all Beautiful. . .’

And the books I left? Another notebook sublime, illustrated by the artist Harry Clarke. An interesting looking bio of Charlie Chaplin and most tempting, ‘In Montmartre’ Picasso, Matisse & Modernism in Paris 1900-1910, a novel by Sue Roe…..on my wish list they go.


Finally, way off kilter here this made me laugh, ’35 Irish sayings and phrases you need to learn before you visit Ireland.’ So true, creative and funny. Oh language…

So if you are an artist or creative of any kind please feel free to share your work, your story, here, on fb, or both. I would love to hear from you!

I’m away now but have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and take care of your perilous selves <3 Jane


chapter 1
‘Chapter 1’ Coffee House, Cavan town <3

7 thoughts on “Even More Books…”

  • Bravo! To feeling better and being inspirational and reading. Ah how I miss that me. Lead on dark Jane as we live our perilous lives in parallel lands.
    I painted a floor cloth this week. I had no idea how it would go and it worked ten times better than I would have expected. I highly recommend it.

  • Im a little late responding but I wanted to say hello again Jane! I would love to say that I am creating and to share with you my art. For many years however, I have felt creatively blocked or maybe its that I really dont have a creative bone in my body. When I was younger I would draw and write, I just havent been active in that for many many years. Perhaps because of life stresses? But Ive heard it said that if you are truly artistic, you will create no matter your life circumstances. I do so enjoy everybody elses art, writing, music, dancing. When I am immersed in those things I feel such joy (I so love your writing and painting!). I guess you could say the most creative thing Ive been doing is cooking. In fact, I made your onion soup and it was just delicious! Thank you for the recipe! I guess Ive went on about myself enough now. So sorry I dont have much to share but I will keep enjoying the arts and who knows, maybe one day… 😉

    • Dear Melissa, I’m what you might call ‘truly artistic’ and it took me 39 years to really get started. I’d say I was the same as you, writing and drawing as a child and so on. I truly believe everyone is creative and some uber so. From what you describe you’re in the ‘uber’ camp, no doubt in my mind. For years the most creative thing I did was cooking too, and before that dressing, the days when I had a bit of cash. And all times I felt these things you feel and I knew I wanted to write, to paint but I just did not know HOW to do it.
      That idea, ‘if you are creative you will create no matter what,’ is not as clear cut as it seems. In one sense you already ‘are’ creating no matter what, the cooking, the searching, in your ideas and the way you think I’ll bet. But it’s not enough and you know that, like I knew that. My problem was I had no frame of reference for these things. I just did not know HOW to write or paint, where to start.
      My best decision was starting the blog, that leap was the trigger I needed. Once I began I felt I had to blog at least once a week. I wondered what I’d ever find to write about but quickly found once I sat down the words came! Then the terror of sharing, of putting myself out there, being vulnerable, oh the fear! But then that got easier. Then I noticed a style start to emerge, who knew! Each new discovery, each step took me further, to wider reading on the subject, to greater immersion in art in general, the list goes on.
      Then the big one, the idea for the book and I knew now to trust it, to just go where it lead. When I started, terror! I froze, the seeming impossiblity, the sheer scale of it. Melissa, I forced myself. A strict rule of, at first 300 words a day, eventually up to 1000, in other words commitment, work. Then, the magic really started. I won’t go into it here as this is already so long I’ll just say as I’ve said here many times before, that writing the novel, trusting that process was what made me brave enough to start painting with the month long daily PUBLIC challenge. The difference was this time I knew what to do, just start, commit, keep going. I refused to miss even one single day and the experience was out of this world, life changing.
      Now I’ve definitely gone on enough about myself but my point is that NOW I will create no matter what. If I’m not writing I’m thinking about writing or still writing, only in head. I will find a way to write every day and do. This is because I ‘started’ committed, built a habit, felt the magic and then boom, obsession!
      You have to find a way to make space for your creativity in your life, this is HARD for an adult! As Ken Robinson said, ‘Creativity is like many natural resources, buried deep.’ But once you start to take it seriously and give it time and space in your day you will find yourself in that place where you will create no matter what and it will help with the stresses too.
      If you would like to send me something my email is janebarry17@gmail.com and welcome. One last thing. I think a lot of the time we are so concerned about not being good enough, we think we should be great from the start and of course we hope we have this potential, that’s natural. The sad thing is it stops people just out of the gate. This happened me hundreds of times, if only I’d had the knowledge to put all those hundreds together! 🙂 Now I hope and fully intend to be a great writer, of course, I’m thinking if I write every day for the next, oh five years without fail I will get there.
      So you have started! That is wonderful! Most people never do. Keep going! Build a wall of positive thinking around you, blast every negative thought that you can’t or you’re not good enough with this thought ‘But I’m doing it,’ or, another favourite of mine, ‘Every negative thought is a lie’ I use that one a lot 🙂
      Finally, I really mean finally this time! There is another reward, that is you become enchanted with the process, not the goal. It is the work you will love. The joy really is in the journey. I sincerely hope this helps, write any time , I would love to hear how it all goes, I’m excited for you! You’re in such an exciting place. Love Jane xox

      • Jane, thank you so much for taking the time to respond with such caring thought and kindness. I continue to be amazed by you! Shalagh is so right, I am indeed lucky to have found you Jane. I am inspired by your multi talent and also your kindness. Wow, I needed to hear those words, they resonate with me at a very deep level. You’ve definitely given me something to think about. I appreciate the invitation to write to you so much, it means a lot, more than I can adequately express in words. <3 Thank you.

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