I read a lovely thing once. It was about coping with loneliness. It said ‘when you’re feeling lonely remember that you are the last thought of about ten different people before they go to sleep at night.’

That really says something about our connectedness to people doesn’t it? Of course I don’t know if it’s true but I know it happens to me! Sometimes I’m amazed and even annoyed at the people who steal into my head at night. It just goes to show the impact all of us have and we don’t even know.

Some people, friends of my youth from days of modelling, travel and college are consciously on my mind and know they don’t know because most of them I haven’t seen or spoken to for between twelve and twenty years. I’ve looked them up online but I forget some of the surnames and some may have changed their names and of course not everyone is on facebook!

I find the people I think about the most are the ones who were kind to me in some way. I may not have noticed it so much at the time but looking back that’s what really stands out and isn’t it funny to think they’re out there somewhere getting on with their lives not knowing that I’ll think about them fondly all my days.

I’ve found this to be the case with older people too. If you think of when you last heard any older person talking about friends they remember from their youth they’ll have said things like ‘he/she was so good to me…didn’t have a lot, didn’t need to be…was nothing in it for her or him…’

There is a thing that really hasn’t changed with the generations, it comes with that time in your life when you leave home for college or work, to see the world, it’s when friends take centre stage.  That was the way of it in the old days and that’s the way of it still. You build a lovely kind of surrogate family borne easily, without thought, out of youth and opportunity and need.

If you’re lucky you’ll have someone from these halcyon days in your life all your life. Old friends are such comfort, such ease, everyone should have at least one.

Wondering what happened to friend’s you lost along the way? Now there’s a thing that may never happen again. It’s one of the great things about social media. You don’t have to lose people. After all we didn’t even have phones in the nineties! Might as well have been a hundred years ago. But the impact, the kindness of friends is never really lost. As much as we think about others, somebody thinks of us too.

Just a little note to say I’m having trouble with my computer today and can’t get any pictures so hence no nice pics in my post today. I’m afraid the whole thing is about to go bust on me. Fingers crossed that won’t happen : (





3 thoughts on “Friendship”

  • Lovely little message today, maybe its the weather but was feeling cold and lonely-ish today, u’ve brought back happy thoughts! Roll on Easter until I meet my girlios again!!! Cheers.

  • There’s a lovely song from Toy Story written by Randy Newman called “You’ve Got as Friend In Me”. And there’s a friend writing these words here for you in me.
    Love Ya and get a new computer already.

  • Funny when I last commented on your piece about happiness, I mentioned a talk I was at about it. Another key factor in happiness is maintaining links with others and developing good friendships. I’m brutal for losing contact for long periods of time with people. Only recently I made contact with several different friends who are now living abroad and I loved when they were back in touch, filling me in on their news!

    Speaking of which we’ll have to have a proper catch up soon! X

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