Frustration & Interior Decoration

Frustration & Interior Decoration

I’m so frustrated today I can barely string a sentence. I got the four year old to ring her Daddy and tell him to bring pizza and come soon because Mammy and the teething baby are gone mad and it’s true, oh yes very true.

He asked her if she was minding us and she said she was far too busy sorting buttons, he replied ‘I’ll be there as soon as I can chickadee’…or something like that.

I’m frustrated you see.

If you have children then you know these days and that’s all I have to say about that and instead I’ll just show you the best bit of how I coped with it today…ta daaaa…

2013-03-13 16.14.15

 It’s my dresser. The beauty is no one under five can reach it…

2013-03-13 16.17.20

Aaaaaaaah how did that happen! Ok so maybe no one under three can reach it.

The point is I made a beautiful space out of madness.

I papered the wall behind the dresser with giftwrap that cost me about two euro and sellotape…took about five minutes and after that I just had fun arranging everything…

2013-03-13 15.56.56

2013-03-13 16.03.10

2013-03-13 16.04.05
Hat by Jennifer Wrynne click HERE
2013-03-13 16.12.31
Vintage glass box & buttons…
2013-03-13 16.08.37
Fan from honeymoon, ‘Calamity Jane’ bag from forever!
2013-03-13 16.08.57
Colour & texture sensory bomb & I love it
2013-03-13 16.10.13
Long ago with retro


2013-03-13 12.08.49

2013-03-13 15.12.02

2013-03-13 16.21.15

So here’s my tips chickadees…

1. Choose a gift wrap paper you love to cover a small area such as the wall over a mantelpiece, the inside of a press or the space behind a dressing table or dresser as I’ve done here.  It’s quick, cheap and you can change it easily but it’s a brilliant way to try strong colours or patterns without committing to paint or wallpaper. Just go with your gut and pick something you really love 🙂

2. Mix and match. Bell jars & cake stands for example with framed pics, home made cards and colourful costume jewellery. Experiment with tea cups, postcards, buttons, anything. Old toys, ornaments, candles, ribbons, magazine cuttings. Anything that appeals to you in some way. No limits.

3. A word on colour. The colours in my paper were black, dark pink, pale pink and green. Without too much thought I added to this other blacks, pinks, reds (as these go brilliantly with pink), greens and a mix of neutrals such as gold, champagne etc. As a rule then use every colour in your paper plus any neutral and a variety of textures. If you follow that code you can use any pattern or combination of patterns in these colours but try not to think about it too much. I  didn’t think about it at all until I was writing this and wondering how I’d explain it.

So now you see my room is a total mess but my dresser is beautiful and I can look at it and smile and sigh x o x

Have you any budget/sanity saving decorating tips? Will you try this at home yourself do you think? Let me know your thoughts and if you do decide to try it I’d love to hear or see how it goes! : )

11 thoughts on “Frustration & Interior Decoration”

  • What a great Idea, I’m glad you had fun with it. However, once I saw the two odd socks, my favourite sister-in-law was all I could think about.

  • Love it, the paper is really gorgeous, how come I never find gift wrap like that?! I have a dresser that is going to get the makeover treatment tomorrow. Or even just the tidy up treatment 🙂

    • Tk Maxx! It’s a replica of a designer wallpaper but I can’t remember the name not that I could ever afford it anyway : ) Looking forward to seeing the dresser makeover

  • She’s such a wee cutie! Even whilst teething. I seem to remember copious amounts of Bonjela and Calpol & even more copious amounts of wine for me. I’m really envious of all your beautiful nick-nacks & your shoe collection (I never seem to graduate beyond Wellies). The dresser turned out beautifully and I hope both babe and mum have an easier day today! 🙂

  • I love that you played. When I had Eamon, I had a shop up the street. It was called Bally Eden and I sold all sorts of beautiful old stuff like you and I love. One of my favorite things about it was to re-display my stuff. I had four rooms in a little house and it was Beautiful! Thanks for reminding me.How I do so wish I could be there oohing and aging at that dresser top while you held Fiona.
    Love to you and your boy and girls,

    • I didn’t know you had a shop! Sounds really cool but please don’t leave holding the baby! No matter how cute she is : )

  • I missed this post when it went up. Both mine were nightmare teethers, they had a terrible time of it and so did I! Good call on the pizza! Can I use any other phrase for your beautiful design other than I love it? No, I love it.

  • Fantastic ideas Jane, I have something similar going on with the dresses but I think I need to expand now!!! Sadhbh is full of mischief, so funny!

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