Giving Facebook the Boot

Hello out there I hope your’re well this rainy Monday? I’m having one of those days when you want to just curl up somewhere and think. I’m not sure about what but give me a notebook and pen and a corner by an open window just to listen to the wind and rain.

In fact that’s what I’m doing right now, just add a blog post.

Yesterday I decided to give my personal page on facebook the boot. I want to keep the blog facebook page but to do that I can’t shut my personal one, so the rules say. As way of compromise I’m cutting it down to just my other half and siblings.

I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing or how long it will last but I just felt I had to do something. I could keep extended family and friends but you know what would happen, who to keep, who to cut and before long the whole thing would build back up.

Before starting the blog I worried a little about trolls but to be honest I haven’t had any trouble with trolls, until this week. I won’t go into it because as you know the rule with trolls is don’t feed them but suffice to say a nasty message was the icing on my overwhelm cake. I know everyone gets facebook fatigue at times and for different reasons but for me the problem is how it sucks time, energy and honestly at times, the life out of me.

If I had one page things would be different but with all my social media platforms it just all felt too much. I know energy vampires and trolls will still find me but I thought I would just remove one of the channels so it’s not coming at me from several angles if that makes sense?

If you’re a fan of my blog fb page don’t despair, I mostly LOVE that page, it’s not going anywhere and I’m not forgetting I’ve a book to sell 🙂

Even with changes in fb that limit the number of people that see posts, even with likes and comments down and the work involved in running it, sourcing quotes and articles and images I decided long ago I would run it if no one ever saw it only me.

I enjoy making it beautiful and use it to inspire my own life. It’s a popular page with a fast growing audience, the biggest driver, so far, of people to the blog, a promotional platform for the book and a source of like minded people.

So that’s the story. I need to concentrate on the book while also maintaining and growing an online presence. The two don’t always mix but they have to. So it’s goodbye to my personal page as an active space for a little while at least.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post so chat to you then. Have a lovely evening 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Giving Facebook the Boot”

  • Hi Jane, i’m sure all of us will be happy as long as we can follow your blog. Carry on. Peace.

  • Ah, Jane. You know how much I’m sad to hear that you got some tosser upsetting you. The Internet is wonderful but it has it’s negative side, eh? Lovely to hear you speak about your FB Blog page tho’: it’s part of you now xx Hope you have knocked that Troll back under a bridge & the Billy Goat’s Gruff will poop in his/her face. Yup. I’ve spent the day with the kids & need more adult conversation but I hope I at least made you smile xx

  • As Hilda says, they are just a tosser. You’re fab!
    I deactivated my personal Facebook page over a week ago and feel great. I only planned on deactivating it for 3/4 days but I’m really enjoying the ‘headspace’ and no news stories etc popping up in my timeline that can be upsetting x

    • Yaz! It’s so great to hear from you, thanks for commenting. I only did it yesterday but feel I’m benefiting from the ‘headspace’ already and you are so right, there’s a lot of upsetting news stories not to mention the constant stream of ‘chatter’ that just vies for your attention. I hope your’re keeping well, stay in touch 🙂

  • Hi Jane, I’m sorry you had that experience. I just wanted to balance things out for you and tell you that i follow no other blog only yours and i have written your recipes at the back of my favourite recipe book.I love your style and your photos,your inspiring quotes and paintings.I loved doing the art challenge with you.
    Thank you for all of the beautiful things.
    Le grá, Sinéad.xx

    • Oh Sinead, I don’t know what to say only I’m so moved by this thank you…I’ve been having a low ebb this past week, the trip to Sligo yesterday helped and now I think your words have brought me back to myself again, thank you for that

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