Glamour, It Matters & Here’s Why!

Glamour, It Matters & Here’s Why!

My first post on glamour!  I don’t know why it’s taken so long and as I’ve currently got a cold and I’m wearing….. oh about ten cardigans, while practically sitting on the range, it’s not like this is a glamourous moment !  Maybe a bit of inspiration is all I need!

I love this painting, Rolf Armstrong, A Challenge to Admiration 1926, I’d love to have it on my wall, maybe be this girl or at least take inspiration from her attitude!  She exudes glamour, don’t you think?  

Glamour is a kind of untouchable thing.

I imagine that nothing anyone could say would make the slightest ‘visible’ impression on her, she is just ‘above’ all the bull****  don’t you think?  I imagine she knows something of this world, she’s had to deal with some things, she’s just not letting it get the better of her, not so long as she’s standing anyway!

I’ve been told I’m glamourous sometimes and that’s a compliment to me because it’s something I always admire in others.

If I am glamourous its not consciously.  I’ve never had a manicure, I winced the whole time Brenda ( sister!) worked on my nails for the wedding!  I was almost thirty before I owned perfume!  I hate getting my hair done, never buy  make-up or ‘products’, don’t own expensive clothes or jewellery and I certainly don’t look or feel very glamourous when I’m pushing two children a few miles in all kinds of weather going to and from playschool!

But perhaps glamour  has nothing to do with these things?

It’s true that I’ve always been more comfortable in a dress and the dressier the better. Everyone who knows me knows that!  This one here for example would be perfect for grocery shopping as far as I’m concerned : )

Source: via Jane on Pinterest


So then, what is glamour?   It’s more than a dress alone can accomplish that’s for sure!

I think that glamour is a kind of higher plain (elevated) living that really has nothing to do with money or fashion, age or beauty.

It’s hard to define but we recognise it when we see it in others and I for one always feel drawn to, inspired and even amused by it!

It’s not a frivoulous pursuit however, it’s always more prevalent when times are hardest, like during the second world war, because that’s when people need it most.  It’s like an armour that elevates us from the everyday, sets us apart and sticks two fingers up at the daily grind.


Whenever we’re in danger of being swallowed up by inanity and routine that’s when glamour is most important.  It’s going further than what’s required from us plus it’s humorous, playful and irreverent!  Glamour sets us apart precisely because it’s not necessary but because it’s extra !

Source: via Jane on Pinterest


I was very ill after my second child and at one appointment I wore these great high heels, the doctor was surprised.  She asked me why, I told her, ‘I’ve just had enough of ‘sickness’, I had to do something to feel ‘normal’ again, that it was ‘part of the fight for me’.  Three years later I met her again and she said she’d always remembered and been inspired by the notion!

Whether glamour is your thing or not here are some quick and easy glamour fixes for if you ever feel the need:

1.  Wear red lipstick, does it matter if it suits you?………….. No!


2.  Wear high heels


3.  Try something different, never wear colour, hats, dresses? The next time your’re shopping pick out some items you would normally overlook – the sale rails are a good opportunity to gather a random selection of things you would never, or feel you could never wear and just try them on.  You may be surprised to find something great you would never have thought of and you know how brilliant that feels when it happens!  Be brave, you might just come out of the dressing room looking like this…………


Source: via Jane on Pinterest


4. Look at magazine ads and fashion spreads, after all these have been styled by the experts.  You don’t have to copy or follow just note the elements you like and adapt it for you using what you already have.  


5.  Mix things up.  In my house you can find bedroom furniture in the kitchen and sitting room furniture in the bathroom, apply the same principle to yourself, clothes, hair and jewellery and you just end up with a more interesting picture!  Break the rules..


5.  If in doubt………….

And remember….no matter how awful you feel…. no matter how shabby your clothes are or if your roots need doing, put your shoulders back and hold your head high because whether glamour can be bought, has to come from inside or is something you’re born with, its never going to happen with bad posture and that’s probably the only thing about glamour I know for absolute sure!  Well that and the fact that I love it : )  Have a great weekend………….

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

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