‘Going In’ – A Poem

‘Going In’ – A Poem

‘Autumn drawing to a close is silent,
everything is still now.
Soon the last leaves will fall, all in a rush, the years final bow.

The house and I, today we hide,
the fog has carried us away.
The outside world has vanished, it wasn’t real anyway.

To be sure I walked over the cold green to the last trees,
right to the edge of darkness,
And reaching out my pale hand felt winters grip in the nothingness.

I’m ready to go in now.’

By Jane Gilheaney Barry
#goodmorning #winteriscoming #amwriting

house in fogtree in fogmushroomgate and fog

2 thoughts on “‘Going In’ – A Poem”

  • What loveliness, with the red-trimmed White House and the fog! I am a country girl, too, and I love words, green, and beauty! It thrills me to find another inspired by my same things! Thank you for starting this wonderful group!

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