Halloween Break Idea for Adults & Children

Today I have an easy creative activity for Halloween that’s great fun for children and/or adults as well as a fitting tribute and farewell to autumn, the leaves and flowers of this year.

Simply go out and gather leaves, petals, twigs, grasses and berries with this thought in mind, to make foliage faces.

Sadhbh and I did the gathering, she’s four and this was the part she enjoyed most whereas Saoirse who’s seven, was more into creating the faces.

As for me, well I was into all of it. Don’t know when I had as much fun!

From the gathering to the creating I found it absorbing and relaxing. It really fired my imagination. The colours alone would have done that, as well as taking the time to really see and study the autumn leaves we admire so much from a distance.

Trust me! This activity is not only great for the holidays, or the big day itself, it’s going to make you feel relaxed, inspired and happy…
foliage s

Where summer and autumn collide…
aut flowers

Our little joy pocket, Sadhbh…
foliage s1

foliage s2

foliage floor

My foliage face… as you can see I drew a basic face first, just the head, neck and nose. I used an A3 sheet of paper, and spilled on to the table…

foliage face

And a selection by the girls… Saoirse, Sadhbh and Saoirse again in that order…

foliage face saoirsefoliage face sadhbhfoliage face saoirse2

Happy Halloween…

little witches that curious love of green


  1. Great ideas, Jane, and such happy helpers… I can’t engage in this activity myself because no Halloween dress fits me .. but anyway .. 😉

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