Happy Birthday Elvis

Happy Birthday Elvis

I was very young when Elvis died in August 1977, only 4 years old and a few weeks shy of starting school god help me. The world still consisted of our little house on Convent Road, books, siblings and a lot of great stuff on the telly. Musicals, Top of the Pops, Noel what’s his name and that ad ‘You can be sure of Shell’ which in my innocence I thought was Michelle, the daughter of a family friend I had a fondness for.

Elvis is special to me I think because he was the first tangible thing my Dad and I bonded over. Now at 40 there are many more things recommend him. A searing talent, a strange beauty, something…different, even eerie. An earthly expression of divinity perhaps? Something. Perhaps I felt that even then. Yep, I was that kind of child, but above all of this I knew Dad was a fan and for a few days in 1977 we got up very early, the larks, just the two of us. We came down stairs and watched all the movies together, quite the memory. They never go away you know, those memories.

So Happy Birthday Elvis. I think it’s a great shame and wrong that you’ve been made a kind of caricature, in truth you were cooler than that as you showed at your ’68 comeback.

If your’re interested in the real Elvis my favourite documentary is Elvis by the Presley’s click here or watch a good deal of it for free on youtube!

For now I’ll leave you with Elvis at his finest, singing ‘Baby What You Want Me to Do’ at the ’68 comeback, click here. If this doesn’t make you smile I don’t know.  As Priscilla said, he never looked better in his life, he chose the band, the songs, he was in control for once and after this show, Elvis was back.

Annnnd my favourite Elvis song…also from the Elvis ’68 Comeback ‘If I Can Dream’




You might also be intersted in this rare photo of Elvis published for the first time by Vanity Fair magazine. Click here

Here’s another great photograph. It’s me and by beautiful dad circa 1974 I should think…Best Dad in the world

me and dad
One girl and her Dad








2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Elvis”

  • Such lovely father & daughter memories, very special to remember. One of my favourite cookbooks which I sent to the US for is the official Graceland Elvis Cookbook, Are You Hungry Tonight? The recipes inside go along way in explaining how & why he got to the size that he did. It’s great for a read though.

    As a child I used to get very cross at the Elvis musicals & would shout at the screen every time he would start to sing because I wanted them to get on with the film and considered the singing a waste of time! =)
    So not a fan I’m afraid, but I can understand the fascination with him and have always been more interested in his early life, his Gracelands life and of course, life with Priscilla and the wrong spelling on his gravestone…naturally! 😉

  • Magical. I loved his films when I was a kid – Blue Hawaii was my favourite. As a ‘jaded’ teenager I used to kind of buy into the, as you call it, caricature idea of Elvis. And then my dad would put on one documentary or another or a video of a concert and I’d be drawn in again, watching from around the corner at the fridge, moving closer and closer towards the telly as it went on – definitely something special about that voice.
    Thanks for the chicken recipe, by the way. Was trying to think of something to do this weekend that would give me leftovers to go in a wrap next week for lunch but didn’t really want to do a whole roast dinner.

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