How do you Sleep at Night?

Afternoon all, I hope January’s not being mean to you and you’re hanging on for dear life for spring. Here in Ireland it’s dark, wet, miserable, windy…and grey, ooh a lot of grey. WAIT! The sun just came out! No… gone again. Ok enough with the weather, especially as I’m not sure how much time I’ve got.  Shaylyn and Saoirse are back at school and Sadhbh has gone for a nap so like a deer in the headlights my thoughts ran the gamut, what to do, what to do before she wakes up! The blog won. It’s going to be a speedy, quickie blog. THAT’S if I get it done.

Thing is she’s stopped napping lately. This is not good for the blog, the book or my health but that’s where we’re at. I just have to adapt and get up earlier. At this rate I’ll just be staying up forever. She’s always been a poor sleeper. Last night she stayed awake until 2.00 am. ‘I want to sleep with Daddy.’ ‘I want to dance’ and my personal favourite ‘There’s a monkey at my toe’ She had just settled when Saoirse woke up, twice. ‘Can I just play, I won’t make any noise’…

I decided just to stay awake until they finally went to sleep. It’s easier that way I find, I found since having children. I don’t think I was a poor sleeper BC (before children). It’s just easier to stay awake than to be woken and I do quite well without it, sleep.

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I’ve always been a morning person. I can project a freshness that isn’t really real. It’s a talent, a destructive, handy talent that has served me well until I try to tell someone I’m tired and they don’t believe me. I just keep going until I crash, recharge and start anew. The madness, the insanity.

I know it’s bad and I really should commit to better sleep, in fact I’m going to try but I am terrible at it. I find it really hard to switch off at night and if I wake, which I do easily, it takes me ages to get to sleep again. Night is also when I do my most colourful, wild and imaginative worrying, you know the sort, the kind would never cross your mind of a morning and then sometimes I just feel excited about things and that’s enough to keep me up.

Fact is I would love it if I never needed sleep and sometimes I just like to fight it off, children awake or not and usually when I need it most. My mum always says ‘sleep is healing’ and sometimes I say it to myself because even the sound is soothing but being awake is what I want, I live for morning.

So last night I started reading ‘Cross Stitch’ (Outlander in the US) by Diana Gabaldon, my first book of the year and so far so good. It kept me company until the house slept and eventually I did myself.

Must do better in 2014. Sadhbh turns three in July so we’re thinking she might sleep better from then and then maybe so will I. At least until Shaylyn goes to college in September : /

How do you sleep at night? Do any mothers sleep? Ever?

Ah, there’s my fellow non sleeper calling me now. Chat to you later…Jane

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13 thoughts on “How do you Sleep at Night?”

    • I’d love to tell you it gets better anytime soon Yasmin! You might be one of the lucky ones you never know!

  • My little dude gave up naps last year, at first i missed the alone time but now we snuggle and chill together when he starts to crash. feck the house work.
    I am the opposite. I love sleep,i love night time,i love the darkness and the only thing i like about mornings are cuddles and coffee, preferably in bed.

    • Opposite is right! You sound just like my sister actually, right down to the cuddles. Still, I’m not averse to the odd coffee in bed : )

  • Oh Jane, we’ve been there in the past six months. I had to cut out the nap altogether (took him a week or two to adjust) and he has been sleeping brilliantly since. Sleep is also very highly rated in this house!!!

    • I’m hoping with the nap pretty much gone that better night time sleeping will result but so far no sign! Today’s nap was more the exception than the norm, borne of extreme ‘wreckedness’ on both our parts. Reminds me of those infant days

  • This is why I have a cat! 🙂

    I love the way you adore mornings Jane, I don’t understand it, but I can admire it, as I am a polar opposite or maybe a Vampire!
    My poor parents & grandparents had awful trouble sending me to bed as a child and Andy says I’ve never changed. I still hate to go to bed. It doesn’t help that I’m an awful 3rd-Generation sleeper or our bedroom is now called The Baltic State! 🙂

    • I can totally see that Kerry! You as a vampire, heehee. We may be opposites in most of this BUT I too hate going to bed/hated being sent and like you I always enjoy seeing contrary differences to my own in other people : )

      • Sleep? Did I mention I have 16 month old twin boys!!! Unlike you Jane, I get my best work done at night time. I do try and get up early, but I think the first hour is spent in a zombie like state of indecision. The boys do sleep for two hours every day and I love that catch up time. That way I can organise the chaos somewhat before it starts all over again.

  • Oh the throwing of the nap.Ack.The desperation for just a little time for ourselves. Stay at home motherhood can be a little like solitary confinement. Now that you drive, can you trade “playdate” time with anyone? They take your three year old for two blessed hours one day and you theirs another? Whatever will you do when Shaylyn goes to college? My 4 hour a week gal Aine is going off to college in two weeks. Sigh. I wish you rest at some point dear Jane.
    PS Sadbhb is a lefty. Hmmm.

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