How to Ace ”Creativity Bootcamp” & Radically Change Your Life…

In just a few days time, on the 29th of January, my next ‘Creativity Bootcamp’ will open for registration. Here’s a refresher on what you need to know plus advice for how to get the best from the month…

In a Nutshell…

That Curious Love of Green Creativity Bootcamp, February 2016, is one month of daily creating for anyone who feels the call to creative work.

You can be a professional or a total beginner who has yet to write a word or paint a picture, but who will commit to doing just this, everyday, for one month, in a supportive environment of like minded people, led by your host, that’s me, Jane Gilheaney Barry, writer, creativity coach and inspirer!!!

For more about me plus what past partcipants are saying click HERE

Creative Requirements…

By taking part you agree to…

  1. Keep a journal/diary for one month – any style, writing, art, every day 🙂
  2. Plus… one other creative action every day e.g. paint a picture, draw something, write a blog post, start or resume your novel, try calligraphy, or photography, write a poem.
  3. Share at least something of your process in the secret FB group. If possible share some of your work, or all if you feel like it.

The Goal…

  1. To explore and push yourself creatively by changing your daily routine for one month.

Basic Requirements

  1. First you need to subscribe to this blog mailing list, look to your right, directly under my profile picture.
  2. Second is like the blog fb page HERE
  3. Third, request to join the secret FB group opening this Friday the 29th of January. I will be sharing the link here.
  4. Finally, when talking about bootcamp please use the hashtags #ThatCuriousLoveofGreen #CreativityBootcamp

Here are my top tips for getting the most from the bootcamp experience…

  1. Comparison Will Kill You. If you remember nothing else remember this. What has your path, your journey to do with anyone else’s? Nothing, unless it inspires you.
  2. Be Brave. Decide now to be brave for the month, EVERYONE in boot camp will be on your side. You will never find a more supportive, nurturing environment so, write your poems, paint your pictures, share them in the group. Talk about it
  3. Focus on the Work. Work out fears and feelings in your journal and by talking with others in the group but keep doing the work. The work is king. All the answers, all you seek is there.
  4. Don’t Miss a Day – shit happens, do the work anyway. But if you do miss a day don’t beat yourself up, jump back in.
  5. Support Others. Engage with other participants, offer encouragement and support for their work. If you have knowledge or expertise in any field and can advise and help fellow boot campers that would be great.
  6. Be Firm With but Kind to Yourself – This is no time to beat yourself up, this is time to play, to discover, to be brave, to dare your heart, to work! So long as you’re turning up, doing your work, then you’re winning.
  7. Write a Mission Statement. Declare the big dream, if only to yourself, do it now. Let boot camp be the first step towards making your dream your reality.
  8. Be Yourself. You can be yourself here, no judgement.

See you all from Friday… xo Jane 




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