How to Develop a Creative Mindset.

How to Develop a Creative Mindset.
Here is something absolutely beautiful for you this dark, wet evening. It’s a piece of music called ‘Come, Gentle Night’ by Polish composer Abel Korzeniowski, click HERE.  If you would ask me how to develop a creative mindset I would say immerse yourself in all the beauty the world has to offer.
Read, endlessly, listen to music, look at beautiful art, inspiring homes, follow interesting people, be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. Let your mind run like mercury, linking and re-linking, sparks, seeds, connections.
To have a life of art, creativity, beauty, you have to surround yourself with those things. You can absolutely silence the noise, so much noise all around us. And remember that you yourself must create. Must always be creating.
Now an example, let us imagine you like to take photos. That you’re invested in the process, the light, the colours, the moment, in getting it just right, or capturing something magical, something fleeting. Or you have a feeling for portraits, can direct a subject in just the right way, eternity in a moment, to a magical place.
This is how humans do magic, and everyone has it. Cooking, crafting, turning, baking, photographing, speaking, being, gardening, drawing, writing, thinking, dressing, styling, have you found yours yet?
Return to parts the first, immerse, immerse, immerse. Then create. Where the only aim, is to express… xo Jane

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