How to Write…

How to Write…

1. Sometimes you have to write a few thousand bad words to reach a few good ones.

2. There will be days it won’t work how you want. That’s still better than a non writing day.

3. Don’t try to figure out what people want to hear. Something is trying to find expression through you. Your only job is to clear a path for that, through noise, ego, and the outside world. To express, that is the goal.

4. You have time to write. How much time will you spend on your phone today? Or watching tv? Time it. Become hyper aware of your time, how you value it, and how you spend it.

5. Your voice is important. Look at it this way. Wouldn’t you love to find your great grandmothers journal? Or any old journal. No relation necessary. And if it’s contents were shopping lists and daily plans, and joys, and woes, would you then love it any less?

6. Schedule your writing time first, even if it’s ten minutes when you wake or go to bed. Everything else gets done anyway.

7. Keep a notebook for inspiration seeds. A word, a thought, a line that moved you. These are sparks you can use.

8. Remember there are other ways to support a writing habit. Write everyday, plan for it. Read, de-clutter, get your rest, spend time in nature, go for walks, gather your inspiration seeds, and always, ALWAYS be thinking about writing. I call it a whole life approach.

9. Creativity, writing or art, is not something that belongs to some people and not others. It might be buried deep but it’s in all of us.

xo Jane

2 thoughts on “How to Write…”

    • It would be such a gift. I think everyone should write, but then some wouldn’t want their thoughts known! Hope all is well with you Michael. Hi to Tiffany. 🙂

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