I just discovered Love Bombing…!

You may have heard me talking about the Irish Parenting Bloggers group I’m a member of? It’s a group of about 34 women (and one man!) and as I’ve said before what these women don’t know about isn’t really worth knowing.

The combined expertise and generosity of everyone is really quite something and has been just one of the great things I’ve encountered in blogging.

As well as a public facebook page the group has a private page for members where anyone can ask a question, just chat or generally let off steam. The craic…as you can imagine, is mighty. The help is brilliant too.

Just last night I posted a question to do with my youngest girl Sadhbh (20 months). She’s been waking a lot during the night, suddenly as if in pain. She cries desperately when it happens but seems fine shortly after, she’s also fine during the day. I’d been thinking teeth or maybe even night terrors but was interested to hear what the women would say. Here’s a selection (click on the highlighted names to visit these blogs)…

Saoirse & Sadhbh
Saoirse & Sadhbh

Baby sleep expert Niamh O’Reilly from The Nursery said:

Night terrors tend to happen in the early part of night ie before midnight. Generally inconsolable and definitely not aware of what’s going on. Almost trance like. Nightmares happen later on (after midnight -ish). If she’s looking to chat with you, just means she’s woken and having trouble resettling herself. Hope that helps x’

Mind the Baby said:

‘My aunt, a nurse and mother, said to me before my first was born “if your baby is sleeping well, and suddenly they start waking for no good reason, check their ears, check their ears!”  I have no idea if that’s good advice or not : )’

Emily from The Nest said:

‘I’d also say it is teething. One of mine is the same age and sometimes does that, a chamomile 30 instantly settles him. If she is clingy and looking for attention (could be in conjunction with ears/teeth) try a pulsatilla 30. If it is teeth, they usually affect the ears too, hence the good ear advice above.  Jane; Teetha has chamomilla in it. The 30 is the potency/strength of it x’

So far so good then…

Deborah from The Clothesline then asked if Sadhbh had taken more of an interest in tv lately? I was intrigued because she has plus she’s become very lovey too but imagine my upset to hear that over stimulation from the tv can cause bad dreams or night terrors for this age group : (

This was when the talk of ‘Love Bombing’ started…

Lisa Healy from Mama.ie said that she always found love bombing to be the answer to things like night terrors and also any separation anxiety issues.

‘Ehmmmm, and what is love bombing Lisa?’ I hear you ask, I asked!

Apparently it’s when you give your child a day of your dedicated time and let them decide what you will do together for the day.

First walk outdoors : )
First walk outdoors : )

I’d done this kind of thing before just not with the baby. It’s a kind of quality time thing I suppose but MindtheBaby posted this interesting article from The Guardian on it, click HERE and Lisa from Mama.ie posted one based on her own experience, click HERE.

Maud from Awfully Chipper added…‘Tons going on developmentally at 18 months, and often a big sleep regression for one or other (or every) reason.’  She posted this interesting article & comments from AskMoxie.org click HERE

So now you see the value of posting my question right?

Most likely with Sadhbh it’s a combination of teething and the overstimulation of the world around her associated with her age that’s causing nightmares. Whatever the reason I’ve embraced the love bombing idea.

As I lay awake in bed last night feeling terribly guilty (cause that’s what mothers do) I decided to love bomb all the girls starting with Sadhbh. It’s not that I feel I don’t give my girls enough attention it’s just that clearly there are times when more is needed.

Of course Adrian wanted to know if he could get love bombed as well. I told him to join the queue: )

photo (6)
Me & my girls…Shaylyn, Sadhbh & Saoirse


8 thoughts on “I just discovered Love Bombing…!”

  • Jane, what a beautiful family you are!! Lovely post, I have taken on board all the ideas too, great to have that community (a village raising its children) xx

  • I love the group for the very same reasons Jane. A wide variety of opinions and ideas, and years and years of experience between everyone. And no one seems to take offense if you decide to ignore their suggestion, which is also very important!

    Glad you are liking the love-bombing idea. It has always surprised me how effective it can be at resetting a child’s sense of security – and it has always worked really fast for us too. I think it’s a good reminder that sometimes it’s just one-on-one attention that people crave, and even if there isn’t a problem, a love-bombing day every now and again does us all good. 🙂

    • Agreed Lisa. Very important to be able to take what works for you on board but fantastic to have access to such a wide range of ideas and experience and agree with love bombing for all : )

  • I love this love bombing idea and had never heard of it, makes great sense for children and adults alike. And all the other advice you got was super too.

    • Yes would be great for adults too! We all need a bit of extra tlc sometimes and who’d say no at any time! Would be a lovely thing to do for anyone in your life

  • Lovely post, Jane. I didn’t know that’s what love bombing is even though that exact same thing works brilliantly with our 5 year old.

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