I Want These….3 Glamourous, 2 Quirky Plus 1 Childrens Wallpaper

I Want These….3 Glamourous, 2 Quirky Plus 1 Childrens Wallpaper

I adore wallpaper, I don’t have any in my house yet but if I could choose right now and have anything I want I’d be more than happy to choose from among these stunning examples!  

The first, ‘A Bash or Do’ by Elli Popp comes in rose, yellow or lavender and is available in Ireland from Garrendenny Lane 

Described as, ‘nostalgic and representative of a bygone age through its dining and seaside scenes while also unusual, vivid, burlesque and saucy!’  Unfortunately it’s out of my reach but a girl can dream…

Here is a close up sample…sigh..


‘This beautiful Tea Anyone? Wallpaper by Elegantly Deviant of Northern Ireland and also available from Garrendenny Lane is based on old damask floral designs and depicts a tea-drinking elegant lady who is also carrying a gun, therefore representing the ‘guns and chiffon’ of the revolutionary Irish women one hundred years ago.’

During the Easter Rising, the Irish Weekly Times reported that the girls in the dining-room at the GPO “were dressed in the finest clothes and wore knives and pistols in their belts.” All I can say about that is how fabulous!

Next up is my blog wallpaper, a vintage sample I am completely in love with.  I would love to find something like this for my kitchen though for now I think I’ll have to content myself with the virtual version…

I just realised that my first two ‘glamourous’ choices could also qualify under ‘quirky’ but ignoring that fact here is the first of my two officially quirky choices!  

By Brian Yates for Pip and depicting spools, reels, buttons and ribbons, I haven’t a clue where I’d put it and much like my other choices, I could never afford it BUT isn’t it fabulous!!!  It just makes me smile…..

Next up (also by Brian Yates for Pip Studios) is so gorgeous I just can’t stop looking at it. They had a sample of this on the wall in Avoca on Suffolk St, Dublin for a time, I used to drop in just to visit my wallpaper!

I stood in front of it for so long on one occasion I think the security guard was eyeing me suspiciously!  If I had this in my house I would never get anything done…..

Finally I have my children’s choice which is ‘Enchanted Forest’, children’s mural wallpaper from Anthropologie…

In the springtime Shaylyn will be swapping rooms with Saoirse & Sadhbh so I’ve been gathering lots of ideas and inspiration for re-decorating!

If you’d like to see some more gorgeous ideas for children’s rooms check out this latest post from my friend, co-blogger and professional photographer Aine Teahan at Alegria Photography 

So that’s it, my selection of dream wallpapers!  Could you live with any or all of these in your house?  Let me know what you think?  What are my chances of finding one of these in a bargain bucket at TK Maxx with a red sticker on it I wonder/wish: )

11 thoughts on “I Want These….3 Glamourous, 2 Quirky Plus 1 Childrens Wallpaper”

  • I share your love for wallpaper! And unfortunately don’t have any either-yet! So many interesting wallpapers to be got (at a price!) My favourites are the first one and last children’s one. I have a fascination with Pip Studio, so many florals, so many patterns and LOTS of COLOUR!! I will definitely be checking out the other designers 🙂
    Great piece Jane, brightened up a dreary day!

  • ‘guns and chiffon’ that’s for me IF wallpaper ever graces my home again after years of removing damp mould and ‘wood-chip’ from my walls’!!! damp mould sorted by installing range and insulating, but the horror of ‘wood-chip’ remains… I would suggest paint mural inspired by the ‘guns and chiffon’ or ‘Enchanted forest’ cause then washable and a light sand and repaint you can change the scene 🙂

    • You’ve inspired me to think about painting the enchanted forest one myself but I wouldn’t feel I could do the other! I have done things like it before and found I just need a very brave, devil may care moment to get it done!

  • I admired your blog background when I first set eyes on it. I love the quirky over the topness of your other choices.Although those really detailed ones of stuff would make my brains explode. I would love to take large scale wallpaper and put it into two big framed panels in my dining room.Then I could put them up, take them down, and put them up again. Less expensive too. Thanks Jane.

    • Great idea Shalagh plus a LOT more affordable! I once papered our sitting room chimney breast with wrapping paper and I think if I didn’t have such bad patience it was quite a good alternative!

    • Hey you have point there! that enchanted forest sample looks like it hanging on screens and it adds to the effect…

  • Hi Jane
    I Love the enchanted forest one. We have a forest/tree theme building in our house & this would be perfect for the one of the rooms. It’s on the wish list as of now!

    • Sounds like a dream theme to me Selina, I was thinking I might get brave and attempt to paint it but would have to be feeling very brave!

  • They’re all gorgeous, but it’s the one before the forest, for me! To afford it, it would have to paper the smallest room in the house, but I’d be worried that the wallpaper would prove so entertaining that no-one would ever come out! 🙂

  • Oh my! Is that price for one roll! It would be worth it, but it might mean choosing between a wallpaper or my marriage! Hmmmmm!!

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