I Wrote a Novel… Editing Update!

I Wrote a Novel… Editing Update!

kitchen office

This month three years ago I started writing my book.

Today I’ve moved to the kitchen, following the heat, to work on the last chapter of this latest edit. Just ONE chapter to go!!!

I’m feeling excited, edgy, can’t wait to get at it!

This is roughly the 8th edit/rewrite, though I lost count somewhere along the way.

But imagine! Over two years given to editing and this one has been the most intensive, plus the only enjoyable one.

Finishing (tomorrow or die) I’ll have a more complete book on my hands, richer, more detailed, and I’ll be closer to seeing it published.

So many days I felt like I would never see the end of it, the task was too big, the work too hard. Editing is a killer, and worse, it’s slow.

I’m a speed girl who’s been wading through quick sand. Only lately it’s changed, I’ve been feeling more like a weaver.

When I finish (tomorrow!!!) I’m going to read it through, making new notes as I go. I’ll be looking for loose ends that still need tying up, characters and story lines that need more work and attention, plus I’ll be reviewing timelines and other details, names, dates, seasons, years etc. In short, another edit, just not as long.

And after that… I’m going to have a professional edit done, see what recommendations come back, adjust accordingly.

Then the search begins for an agent. I thought about self- publishing but I’ve gone back to my original plan of looking for an agent first, see how that goes.

So that’s where we’re at. Closer to reading this book, but not there yet. I can’t wait to send it out in the world! We’ll have some celebration that day! As always thank you for being here and sharing this journey. 

Now it’s time to get down to work

xo Jane



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