In Dublin’s Fair City

In Dublin’s Fair City

I just spent a few days in Dublin and my top shop award from the trip goes to ‘Om Diva’ on Stephen’s St. Upr. Top for service, value, style, aesthetics, and choice. They even made us coffee…

om diva

My new earrings from ‘Om Diva’… lightweight, unique, beautiful, glamorous…

Ooh! New shoes… PLUS black dress with floral print from ‘Om Diva’, red dress with feather print from ‘Oxfam’. I’m feeling very into colour and pattern…
PicMonkey Collage

I stayed with my sister Martha at her beautiful home…

martha hseterenure

My top place to eat award from this trip goes to a little place down the side of Hogan’s on Georges St. I didn’t get the name! It looks like it might be part of Hogan’s, anyway it’s a restaurant bar and gets my top award for service, value and taste. I had the sea trout while Martha had a roast cauliflower dish, both delicious.

trout dubdublin

Home again and it’s a beautiful morning, poor Saoirse has chicken pox, the daffodils are out, the house is on its head. Sometimes the best thing to do in a mess is make a bigger one, so we painted, and Saoirse did this incredible drawing of the wolf and little red riding hood, I think it’s amazing…

daffswaveswolf and red riding

Now I’m going to put my red feather dress on and go do some cleaning.

Have a great day and week everyone, xo Jane


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  • Wonderful city adventure. unappreciated when you live there. Sounds like you had a great time, Jane, and now you’re back to the countryside to enjoy this stunning weather (fingers crossed and touching wood as I write). I agree with your philosophy of adding mess to mess, but what beautiful pictures. Saoirse’s is lovely – love that wolf’s eye! xx

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