Inspiration Seeds

Inspiration Seeds

It’s been a while since I had the chance to write, think, create intentionally, to work on the books. I think it’s been a week. That’s too long. Yesterday conditions were good, I had time to myself, no place to be, plus it was raining. Before I went deep I wanted to say I’m still here. The blog and fb pages, That Curious Love of Green and the new one, CAILLEACH – Witch, are sometimes neglected but they are still part of my process, tapestries of inspiration, of a journey, of adventure. A writer I may be, but visuals, art, colour, are essential as air to me, as water. I hear words as music, weather as words, thoughts in images. The blog and pages are where all these converge.

So imagine my delight and pleasure to discover Brooke Shaden. Her photography illustrates these feelings perfectly, as well as many of the themes in my novel, also called CAILLEACH – Witch. It’s woman as element, as part of the landscape, as power. I could have shared them all, but this one spoke to me, for the green yes, and for how I am returned once more, to my inner world. I want to stay here, I can’t get deep enough.
What are you creating/working on this week? For more from Brooke click HERE


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