July is Flowing By…

July is flowing by, all drip, no dry, and the mood has shifted, did you feel it? The collective sigh? And the sigh said, it’s late now for rallying cries for blue skies.

July is flowing up, up from the green earth, over the peoples hopes, reflected in birds eyes, down from the grey skies, swelling the water supply.

July is flowing by……I think I’ll flow with it.

Reylia Slaby Photography – Click on Image for her website

3 thoughts on “July is Flowing By…”

  • Love it, love it, love it!!!


    Don’t give up!
    It’s never too late!
    Don’t accept this watery fate!

    Up, up, up,beyond the clouds,
    Serene and powerful, lazing and blazing,
    Slowly burning her way through the grey
    Comes the sun in August with sweet summer days

    … we hope x

    • Oh wow! Marian!!! Is this you coming out of those shadows? It’s wonderful, I love it. The perfect follow up 🙂

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