June Challenge

Note: Dear readers, I posted this last week due to technical issues it wasn’t visible to most of you so I’m re-posting now. If on reading this you’d like to join in the art challenge it’s not too late! I’ll also be posting an update at the end of week. Have a great week 🙂

Good morning. I’m back a little sooner than planned. I want to tell you about something you might be interested in.

A new friend I’ve met through the blog, Caroline Duffy, shared and tagged me in the following post,

‘Only five or so days till we start our JUNE Drawing Event~
Release The Inner Artist!
one drawing a day for every day of June posted HERE on this page to share with us all.
I am excited! please don’t think you need to be a trained artist to participate we accept all creators! TELL your arty FRIEND’

These were the words of artist Aarna Baartz on her Facebook page (click HERE) with this beautiful painting of hers.

Arna Baartz

My thought process and feelings ran something like this…

Oh wow! I would LOVE to do that BUT I bet everyone doing it will be so good, I haven’t drawn since my school days, I’m not good enough BUT, this could be just what I need to get me started, I’ve been saying for years I’d love to take up painting and drawing but somehow it just never happens. The discipline of a challenge and having to do it every day for a month would be cool, interesting, exciting, scary, fun, did I mention scary?

She said you don’t have to be a ‘trained’ artist, what if your’re not an untrained one either?… I should do it, but I probably won’t post my efforts on the page, I’ll just do it myself BUT if I make myself post on the page it will feel more like a challenge and I might be more likely to see it through. I should get the children to do it with me. God it’s hard enough to fit in everything I have to do in a day as it is, how am I going to get this done now too?

One minute later I realised above all these things the main thing I felt was inspired…

Even though I decided to think about it for the morning I already knew that for better or worse I would do it. So now the only question is who’s with me?

Don’t think too long. If you felt inspired by the idea like I did then you know you want to, even if you’re scared. I’m scared but I’m still going to do it. I’m doing it to push myself, for the challenge, to see where it takes me, for the fun, for the creative expression, a new, a different experience, because I like to lose myself. I could go on with good reasons.

Don’t have the time? It’s not true, if you wait until you have the time you’ll never do it. Need more convincing? Read this post and advice from Elizabeth Gilbert that can be applied to other things if your’re not into art.

‘The Most Important Tool in a Creative Person’s Life’ click HERE

Read also ‘Ten Ways to Raise your Vibration’ click HERE

Think you’re not brave enough? Not true either. The way to feel brave is do something you would like to do only it scares you but guess what, we’re all scared so don’t let it stop you.

Go on…go on, ah do!

photo 1 (90)
My in-house artist team in training for the June challenge. I let them draw on the gable end of the house yesterday.


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photo 2 (80)



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  • Oh Jane, good for you and everyone. A death and a conference are my focus but I may join in later and I’m so excited to see what you do share. How I love that picture of your daughters drawing/grafitti-ing the house!
    Love to you and I’m happy you reposted this.

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