Just Another Day in Paradise

Just Another Day in Paradise

It’s a writing day and a day for the fire. Grey out and bitterly cold, with flashes of brilliant sunlight. I’ve never been so happy.

Life is funny. We’re up, then it seems we have to go down again, like a wave, or a flower. When you have to go down again remember, you won’t be down forever.

And with the right mindset and environment we can use the downs as much as the ups for deeper happiness and growing. There’s a saying, don’t throw stones at her, she’ll use them to build something. And I like to build.

The creative path is one with few guarantees of anything, except making you strong, happy, resilient. It takes self-mastery, and grit, and in return, with every word, hundreds of thousands of words, I have grown, in every direction, deeper, higher, out of mind, and out of reach.

Today I’m with my creativity book, a project I started last year. Do you remember? I wrote the first draft in a few weeks. It just, flowed, and I thought I’d have it published in no time. After all, it was only 5000 words.

Well that didn’t happen. Because it kept on flowing, to spring, and 40,000 words, to summer, with illustration. Much like the novel I felt that to follow was the best course of action.

All spring and summer it flowered, and with autumn it deepened, became richer. Now that it’s winter it will follow the trees again, and be pared back to structure.

It’s been a very good year, xo Jane
Have a wonderful weekend, create, make plans, be grateful, feel good, be happy.

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