Learning to Drive

Learning to Drive

Hello guys, how is everyone doing? I have great news, an update on my catch up post a few weeks back, I’m driving! For real, like a real person!

After I wrote that post I set myself a deadline, drive on my own, just into my mothers in town, by the end of the week. I figured with Adrian on holidays I’d get more practice. My mother wondered if festival week was the best time for this, it’s the busiest week of the year after all, but no, I couldn’t change it.

Then something else, once I set a deadline I have to beat it and no sooner had I made the announcement than I took off on my own.

Turned out that in the end the need, the desire to do it, was greater than the fear of doing it. Putting it off would have been much more painful than going for it and I’m so glad I did.

God it felt good, and if you’d seen me I’m sure you’d have laughed, I know I was.

The next day I went again, to pick Shaylyn up this time, what a feeling. This is possibly one of the greatest things things that’s ever happened me, probably the greatest thing I’ve ever done for me.

If you haven’t done it yet why not do what I did, buy a little automatic car for a few hundred euro and just force yourself. Pick one tiny route, to the shop maybe, for me it was the school run route and just focus on that.

I’m almost 41 and have trouble with things like, oh, kettles, tv remotes, food processors, you name it. I am the least mechanically minded person on earth, believe it, and then do what I did, keep telling yourself ‘this is no way the hardest thing I’ve ever done,’ and just do it.

Sure you’ll feel sick, sorry for yourself, hate doing it…at first, but that will change (very quickly with an automatic I might add) and then, then you’ll feel on top of world, exhilarated, free, like you can do anything, which you can anyway. And don’t you dare say it’s too late, it’s never too late, in fact the older you are the more you need to learn something new, keep that brain working.

This year I’ve written a novel, taken up painting and learned to drive, now I’m wondering what next?  I’ve a few ideas, more energy and less fear with every passing year. The more I do, the more I’m capable of.

Courage is a muscle, you know what they say about muscles right?

Before I go I have to mention my friend Kerry McClernon who recently learned to drive, in a proper car, a big one too I might add. She had a lot of fear about it and has spoken very eloquently and entertainingly on facebook about her experiences plus she passed her test first try! I’m not even thinking about that yet 🙂

My brilliant husband Adrian has to get an honourable mention for teaching me and for living to tell the tale, hardly a scratch on him, hahaha, we had good fun actually or at least I think that’s what he’d say 🙂

Women, because I know it’s mostly women, go to it, I’m allowed to say that now though I promise not to speak of it again 🙂 Can’t…stop…smiling…

green flapper dress
I was invited to the Rose of Tralee tour of Ireland ball at Lough Rynn Castle last week, a great night in beautiful surroundings…didn’t think about driving at all


8 thoughts on “Learning to Drive”

  • Well done Jane! I’d be lost without my car! Been driving since I’m 17 but only recently plucked up the courage to drive long distances on the big roads!!

    • I’ve been lost big time! So happy to be able to do this at last, better late than never 🙂 Thanks Yaz 🙂

  • Oh well done! I have this on my list of things to do also.. Car is in the driveway need to get my provisional licence and some lessons.. I’ll get there 🙂

  • Well done Jane, delighted for you 🙂 , I’ve been driving since I was about 22 couldn’t live without my car. One ofmMy brothers only started driving inhis late 30’s but he’s flying atvit now, it’s great independence you won’t know urself!!

  • Oh Jane,
    I had just been so happily overwhelmed by your 50 Euro to Feed Your Family per week post and then this, I’m gushing with pride for you. I had just thought to myself, I wonder how Jane’s driving is doing. Hallelujah sister, you can drive. And that is that for that.Love you and your determination so much. Your girls’ll get it honest.

  • Well through teeth only slightly gritted, I am really happy for you. Even I have to admit it’s a bit of an eye opener. I suspect that you are a natural driver Jane and it definitely helps driving an automatic, my 5th and 6th gears are like Borneo, largely unexplored! I’m full of admiration that you were driving around Ballinamore in festival week, that’s fabulous! I was skulking around the periphery. I’m also amazed that you’re taking passengers, I can take passengers too, except they’d be called Hostages! 🙂

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