Lest we Forget

Lest we Forget

Me: Let’s surprise Daddy and have the weeds and stones gathered before he gets home.

Sadhbh: Ok, ok Mammy, he’ll be so happy won’t he?

Note: The beautiful art work in this post is by illustrator Katie Daisy, click HERE for more plus information on how to buy a print copy from her etsy shop.

bird quoteMe: You’re a bit hoarse Sadhbh, have you a frog in your throat?

Sadhbh: No, but I’ve a rabbit in my pocket.
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Saoirse: Some of the children said girls can’t be pirates.

Me: What? Who said that?

Saoirse: Only the boys.

Sadhbh: I’m fire girl!

Saoirse: I want to be like the girl from ‘Frozen’.

Sadhbh: No I’m ‘Frozen’

Me: You can both be the girl from ‘Frozen’

Sadhbh: ……I wish I was a pirate


‘We did it!’
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Sadhbh: People don’t last forever do they?

Me: No they don’t

Sadhbh: Can I have a cracker now?

Me: Yes

Sadhbh: It’s the best day ever…isn’t it?

Me: As good as any day that ever was and ever will be


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