Let’s talk about Men, now with even more Men…

Let’s talk about Men, now with even more Men…

Hello out there I hope you’re well today?  If you’re a regular visitor here you’ve gathered by now how I like to immerse myself in the changing seasons and whatever norms they present so you won’t find me railing against Valentines Day. In that spirit I’ve been thinking about all things spring lately including love, lust, and attraction, ooo-er!

So ahead of some more cerebral or at least more thoughtful posts on the subject I spent some time this morning compiling a short and sweet list of a few celebrity men I fancy.  Ah yes, the hard things I do for the blog.

It includes… 1 fat guy, 9 lean guys, no beefcake for me thanks, 3 called John, 2 comedians, 4 dead guys, a gladiator, a singer, a dancer, some actors and an octogenarian.

It’s a melting pot of cool, funny and quirky with plenty of beauty thrown in for good measure…ladies, get your own.

In no particular order…

12.  John Candy

No, I can’t explain it.  I’ve always had a thing for John Candy and look at this great picture I found of him!….what do you mean you’re not feeling it?  That’s ok I love him.

John Candy

11.  John Bishop

I realise it looks like there’s a pattern emerging here but it is just coincidence that my first two men are both comedians and both called John. John Bishop is HOT…

John Bishop


10.  Hugh Jackman

I hear he cooks and sings too…will you just look at those eyes please….Gorgeous man.

Watch two of my men, Hugh and John Bishop on the couch with Graham Norton HERE

Hugh Jackman


9. Viggo Mortenson

Eyes, economy of movement, intelligence, a social conscience, elegance, professi0nal integrity, beauty…did I mention eyes? Swoon, major swoon.


8. Kevin Bacon

It’s the way he walks and the way he talks…lean, quirky, cool and he can dance…


7. John Cusack

Offbeat, quirky, I’ve always found him wildly attractive.  I share this John with my good friend Sheena O’Hanrahan based on a 1994 agreement.

John Cusack

6. Steve McQueen

Cool, cool, cooler than you…or me…or anyone, and that’s hot.

steve collage

5. Yul Brynner

S00o  sexy, the stare and the voice, omg. Beautiful man.

yul collage

Watch Steve McQueen & Yul Brynner in action in a clip from ‘The Magnificent Seven’ HERE

4. Shayne Ward

God the grief I get for this one but I don’t care about any of it and will not be moved…I’m warning you all now BUTTON IT! My husband gives me an awful time on this one (jealousy is a terrible thing : )



3. Phil Lynott

Charismatic and cool, a performer on stage and off. For the full wattage effect you have to hear him sing, watch recordings of him on stage or at least of him walking in his beloved Dublin,.  It’s also in the way he walks, poetry and musicality.  Love, love, love…to have been his girlfriend back in the day but I think he liked blondes, bah. Click HERE to watch and listen.




2. Clint Eastwood

Hard for any man to compete with Clint in my eyes. Speaking of eyes it’s the glint in his.  In his eighties now I still find him attractive… EDIT – I no longer like Clint, I could never fancy anyone who thinks like he does, so long Clint…




1. Andy Whitfield

Sob…still not over this guy dying tragically from cancer in 2011 but oh my was he beautiful…

Andy as himself…
Andy as himself, I mean Spartacus

So that’s my list, who’s on yours? Do tell!!!!


28 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Men, now with even more Men…”

  • I think you know by now of my mammy crush on MacGyver! So that would be one. Brax from Home and Away ain’t bad either. I am a tad attracted to Pierce Brosnan of Remington Steel era. And I would never have thought of John Bishop on my own but that is a smokin’ picture. I also believe he’s quite tall (swoon!) and the man is funny too. Yeah, not bad.

  • Ah, Pierce Brosnan was definitely on my list… until I saw him on the late late show and a cardboard cutout would have been more interesting. Actually, I’m quite partial to Daniel Craig now, though he’s a bit chunky. Hugh Laurie also very very attractive. McGyver was indeed an early love.

    We were watching Reeling in the Years for the 80s a few mights ago and there was footage of Phil Lynnott. I could totally see it – he was magnetic. He must have been so instantly recognizable and a million miles from any other man in Dublin in those days.

    I could go on…

    • Please do : ) Magnetic is the word for Phil. I’m also open to the idea of Daniel Craig especially in ‘Defiance’ the amazing true story of the Bielski brothers! Pierce yes, he’s hot but Hugh Laurie not so much, for me : )

  • I never heard of your no. 1 but I like the picture 🙂 Liam Neeson is the man for me (as everyone knows at this stage). Also Lincoln Burrows from prison break (not the pretty one that everyone fancies – the other one mmmmmmmmmmm)ooh and Steve McQueen & Yul Brynner and my weird crush is Johnny McEvoy………ya I know, its weird but I love how intense and dark he is and his voice of course. Your right its very hard to make a list

    • Laura, you have to watch Spartacus, it’s total trash without him, as was proved in the second series but he is/was such a good actor he really elevated the whole thing to another level, Colm and Adrian agree – we’re all three fans. If he hadn’t gotten sick he’d have been a massive star, so sad, two or three children too. Johnny McEvoy, didn’t know that but interesting! Yul and Steve I totally agree and as for Liam Neeson, I just think of him as belonging to you : )

    • Now that’s loyalty : ) Have you ever met him? He’s handsome for sure, I’d say you’d notice him in a crowded room and by that I mean he’d probably stand out in general and not just for yourself : )

  • Elvis Presley has to have been one of the most handsome men ever born and he could sing and dance..also Daniel Day Lewis is a stunner could look at him all day..Hugh Jackman wud get my vote but I prefer him as he’s getting older and a little more rugged..aah better get back to making the dinner now…

    • I think you already know you won’t get any arguments from me when it comes to Elvis and his beauty or talent credentials but I don’t think I fancy him…now i’m willing to concede that were I personally at his 1969 comeback performance, had I been born and of reasonable age that I would more than likely change that view! As for the dinner, what a pain, Sadhbh is emptying the dishwasher for me as I write : )

  • Oh I just love a good droolfest. Kevin bacon yum yum.

    I also have a thing for Edward norton. Yumyum.

    I tend to fancy characters and then get let down by the real life dude.

    I fancy the pants off wolverine but I don’t fancy HJ.

    I also fancy Dr. house but don’t fancy Hugh Laurie (he’s such a weirdo in interviews).

  • Oh we’d definitely fight over men Jane! Excellent list. I am a huge Hugh fan…and he sings! Saw him on Broadway once. Taller than you’d think. Swoon!

    Can I add Harrison Ford, Joe Manganiello, George Clooney and I will always have a soft spot for Brad Pitt. I don’t fancy Colin Farrell onscreen but I have a feeling if he was standing beside me I wouldn’t be able to speak!

    • Ha, ha, ha I’m dying laughing here at your Colin Farrell comment : ) I think I fell for him in ‘American Outlaws’ if you’ve seen that? He def has something special. Did you ever notice how edgy and nervy he is in interviews though? I had to google your Joe guy, he’s a bit too mediterranean looking for me so I’ll let you have him and Harrison Ford who I cannot stand!!! Perhaps we can divide them up so we’re both happy? George I like, he definitely has…a quality. I used to love him in ER

  • 1 Liam Neeson ( he’s mine Laura).
    2. Clint Eastwood
    3. Peter O’Toole
    4. Daniel Day Lewis
    5. Alik Assatrian (artist)
    6. Paul Newman
    7 Bob Marley
    8. Michael Caine
    9. Yul Brenner
    10 and what’s his name…..Miranda Lamberts husband.

    Wow, that was hard work. Methinks it might have been easier for me to compile a list forty years ago. Peace!

  • Oh Jane, I’d managed to forget about you and Shayne Ward! I just can’t cope with that!! And where is Jaoquin Phoenix?!!

    • Ha, ha, ha I love the way you say ‘you and Shayne’ like there was such a thing! I wish! Joaquin who??? Never heard of him : ) Think he’s all yours : ))

  • There has only ever been one guy for me, the beautiful Johnny Depp, a 22yr love affair at this stage! even Jimmy agrees that when i get my chance i should go for it 🙂

  • Wow I never really believed how people’s tastes can differ so much before reading this. Noooooo! Sorry Jane. None if them do it for me!
    Hate John bishop. Prob cos I lived in merseyside for ages and that scally accent just gets on my tits!
    My only lust is ewan mccregor. Just think he’s so cool x

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