Like a Phoenix

Like a Phoenix

In false arenas I was dreaming, past, present and strategic, while my spirit yearned for healing, like a phoenix I set fire to myself.

Comfort, safety, held no meaning, in my soul already leaving, knowing worse would be a phrenic living death.

Embraced the edict for the zenith, evolution, my existence craved the burning, fought the demons, wept the lyrics, let it all go up, in flames.

Burning eases. From my ashes, fire tested, like a phoenix I arose again.

Free and shining more than ever, like the sun I live forever, fan the flames of other fires once begun.

Now like venus stars surround me, see my spirit, feel my power, know I won.

By Jane Gilheaney Barry

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“The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.” Edith Sodergran



  1. Brilliant Jane…I kept thinking as I was reading this who wrote this only to find it was wonderful you…beautiful words, beautifully written x

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