I woke to a morning of gold and rustling trees. With a surprising blue sky and bright sunlight. The birds are delighted and sing as brightly as if it were summer. But the garden is unmoved. It lies cool, flowers fading, under a mantle of glistening dew. But out in the field there’s a blaze of monbretia. Every morning I stop to admire it’s bright dance through the muted colours, the browns and greens. I think it must have escaped from some garden or other. It is mad alive. Strong, giddy with freedom. I understand. On blustery days or in times of escape I feel more alive too, the blood rises. Autumn is stirring to wild things, and every season is good for people, when we remember the world is amazing.

Human limits and flaws can wreck everything, what can we do? We can choose. We can choose to notice the good things more times than we don’t. This morning after everyone left I stood a while on the step with my face turned to the sun. I will just as likely do that when the rain comes.

And we can journey. Choose to go on the journey to explore ourselves, our truth, our creativity. Choose to be different, that is to be you, or to be the same as everyone else. There is the choice to deny or not to deny the information that challenges our beliefs about the world and how it works. There is a choice to deny or not to deny the energy and feelings within our being. When you write, those choices are put to you plain. Accept or ignore, stop or go on, turn a blind eye, explore.

Writing has brought me on an unexpected journey. It sparked an awakening. It plunged me into depths I didn’t know existed, and showed me dark things there, while also keeping me afloat. When the knocks came in the dead of night, I opened the door.

After the fear came the quest, searching for the face I had before the world was made. There have been many intensifications, now there’s more of me than there ever was before.

The lights are on. The witch is home, and it’s glorious. It’s like that Secret Garden quote, ‘Is the spring coming?’ he said. ‘What is it like?’… ‘It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…’

It is the meeting, the coming together of many things. Of coming through things, of deep writing, that is deep meditation and work on the self. It is previously repressed spirit, newly uncorked. It is when you know the world is hurt and you decide to help, and even, just to be happy is revolution in itself. It’s connection, and detachment. It is the seasons too, autumn now, leaves falling now. Hour by hour.

By the power of creativity, nature, and intent, we have the power.

If you want to find the secrets of the Universethink in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ – Nikola Tesla

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