Memories of May

Memories of May

May is the loveliest of months. Some of my favourite memories are from this time of year. I got married in May so I have an anniversary coming soon to look forward to.

me and dad
With my lovely dad on my wedding day

In May 2007 we kicked off our honeymoon in Barcelona. We took a mediteranean cruise from there with Royal Carribbean on the brand new and breathtaking ‘Voyager of the Seas’. The cruise experience was like a dream. Very old world, luxurious and quite surreal, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

The beauty of the ship itself, the experience of ‘living’ at sea, on a perfect sea. Waking in a different port every day, walking through sunsets to dinner. It was absolutely worth every penny and proved to me that it’s true what the experts say about how experiences are worth investing in, way more than any object or thing. It always makes us so happy to remember and I know it always will. It’s a perfect memory.

PicMonkey Collage

Last year in May for our anniversary we stayed at Bellinter House in Meath. Adrian won the trip at his work Christmas party. This was our first time away without the children in more time than I cared to remember so we were really giddy. That combined with incredible weather and the beautiful Boyne Valley setting (a perfect base for visiting Newgrange, an absolute must) made for a really fun trip but I fell in love with the beautiful Bellinter House too and it was quiet enough to pretend it was mine.

Bellinter House
My… I mean Bellinter House : )

bell hall

Bell door
Making myself at home
bell door 2
I think I belong here. It has a green library
bell mirror
Chilling out with Adrian, newspapers and drinks at Bellinter House May 2012

Also last May I went on holidays with  my mum and dad for the first time. I probably couldn’t convince you of how brilliant and bizarre a thing that was : ) Holidays are not the norm for them and would never have happened at all had my sister Martha not been living in Salerno on the Amalfi coast in Italy. After some persuasion we did convince them…

mum and dad

Lloyds Baia Hotel, Vietri, pictured from the beach below

We stayed at Lloyds Baia Hotel in Vietri sul Mare which is the next town over and walking distance from Salerno the two being right at the end of the Amalfi coast. The added beauty of Salerno and even Vietri to a lesser extent is because they are at the end of Amalfi they are the least ‘touristy‘ of the towns there that include Positano, Sorrento and Capri.  Salerno in particular is much more authentically Italian, has fewer tourist shops or crowds and it’s possible to eat and stay cheaply here even in Summer. Our hotel in Vietri was a stunner with a balcony bar and views to die for. I think we could safely say they had a good time…and so did we.

mar and mum
Martha & Mammy
dad in harbour
Dad looking right at home at the port in Salerno
On the ferry approaching Capri
mum and dad ferry  hug
The love birds in their own world
I could get used to this easily
mum and dad3
Mum & Dad, May evening 2012 in Salerno, Italy

Here’s to the perfect memories, to May, to long hot summer days…

mum and dad 2

11 thoughts on “Memories of May”

  • I know the object of your beautiful blog is Not to promote suicidal feelings, but looking at those gorgeous pictures & reading about all those wonderful holiday experiences, in contrast to the black sky, howling wind & hailstones outside, well… if I was on top of a high building… 🙂

    You’ve made me laugh though! Another thing we have in common, my wedding anniversary is in May! Better yet, both my wedding anniversaries are in May, only 2 days apart! Andy is so not amused when I confuse the dates! But somehow May seems to me to be the only month to get married in!

    Now how do you all always manage to look so wonderfully glamorous in your pictures?

    • I only plan to marry in May myself no matter how many times I do it again : ) I also relate to the misery of this particular May to date! God I hope its going to get better and even more importantly I hope we can get away this year! The glamourous bit I don’t know but thank you anyway : )

  • Oh, every picture looks glorious!! Two of my brothers have taken cruises and loved them… You are so right about paying for the experience. Hoping this may lives up to its expectation 🙂

    • I couldn’t say one bad thing about cruising and I’d say it’s worth going with Royal Carribbean – start at the top and all of that! Fingers crossed it will pick up : / Thanks Emiline : )

    • Looks like we’ll have to start making our own! Thanks Laura it’s the same here but after writing this I have a serious wanderlust : )

  • OMG, there is so much to love here I think I’ll forget something. Happy Anniversary of course! Beautiful, beautiful photos and lovely to be overwhelmed by such happy memories. I hope this post directly influences our current weather.

    • I’m happy if it works as an incantation for good weather:) Thanks Joanna and I’m glad you like the flowers too. I still think they might be a bit too big!

  • …..And (I knew I’d forget something) I love your new flowers! Crysanthemums and roses I think? Love them both.

  • Oh such joy Jane. Thanks for sharing. I vaguely remember the luscious luxury of a vacation with my lover. The wood work in that house! The cruise! And how wonderful you convinced your parents to travel. Although in your pictures your Dad never seems exhilarated. And, yes, you always look marvelous in your pictures dahling. Happy Anniversary to you both !!

    • Thank you Shalagh but did you mean to say he ‘didn’t’ look exhilarated? I couldn’t figure out if you meant to say that or not! He definitely was in fact but he was in pain at the time so maybe your’re picking up on that

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