Mini Home Makeover – Colour Explosion!

Mini Home Makeover – Colour Explosion!

I’ve been on honeymoon with the house this past few weeks ahead of an interview and photo shoot with ‘Irish Country Magazine’ that took place yesterday. Seems there is nothing quite like the prospect of your house being photographed to have you look at that space like never before.

Aside from the obvious cleaning and de-cluttering it calls for other hats too like photographer, designer, artist decorator, magic maker. How to help the house look it’s best, reach something of its potential for the first time? And without spending money? Bar paint, a poster of Frida, and a new green kettle.

paint tins
Emerald Delight 3 and Blue Diamond 4 (turquoise) both by Dulux

Even for someone like me who is used to doing all this for the blog it still calls for a personal stretch, for new eyes. I saw it as a brilliant opportunity, a break from my normal routine, to do something that would ultimately uplift and inspire us, not to mention bring in new readers.

As I said before, an interval act between acts of my book.

We embraced it and it was pure pleasure.

I will let you know when the magazine comes out. In the meantime here’s a few shots of my own to be added to my house tour later…

long view of bed

close view of bdroom

hall frida

Hall view from my office...
Hall view from my office…
I tidied the bookshelves, what a job! And I painted the door a light grey/blue we had in the house. The little red press I've had about 20 years...
I tidied the bookshelves, what a job! And I painted the door a light grey/blue we had in the house. The little red press I’ve had about 20 years…
linda print
One of our Linda Le Kniff prints now holds pride of place on the kitchen mantel. Her use of colour is wondrous, so beautiful…

So that’s a snippet of our spring clean/mini house makeover. What do you think? If you’re feeling the love please share! Thank you guys, chat to you soon, xo Jane

me in red

9 thoughts on “Mini Home Makeover – Colour Explosion!”

  • Just beautiful, I’ll be keeping my eye on Irish Country Magazine. I have a history of killing houseplants but seeing these photos makes me want to try again, they look great.

    • Thank you Joanna, I love my houseplants. Pick something easy like a peace lily. The great thing about him is he tells you when he needs water, he literally collapses, you can’t miss it! 🙂

  • Amazing, Jane. Love the simple touches like the blue around the door frames against the white walls, perfect to show off the beautiful pictures… but your entrance hall will always be my favourite – the book-cave!

  • Your home feels like a lovely hug, straight from the heart. Beautiful, Jane. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hello Jane,Love the new colors,especially the red and aqua in the bedroom (my fav together,since my creative painting course s.).Your home is lovely.

    • Hi Trish, thank you. The ‘red’ is actually a very dark pink, looks more red in the photo. Your course sounds interesting 🙂

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