My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

Dear friends, it’s Friday, I’m sitting in my new favourite place in the garden, behind the delphiniums. It’s a beautiful morning, my favourite kind, blustery. Here’s a snapshot of my day so far, as you can see it’s heavy on ‪#‎creativity‬

Teapot & flowers close

Goodbye Adrian
Closed the gates
Fed and dressed children and me
Wrote in my journal
Drafted a blog post and list of blog post ideas,
Fed the cat
Took some photographs
Moved garden furniture
Tidied the kitchen
Talked to the trees,
Had 40 chats
Researched brewing ideas

Painting next
It’s 11.30

tea and flowers 2

Every Friday I ask, where in the world are you and what are you doing or dreaming creatively? Please feel free to share your work, thoughts, fears, dreams and ideas in comments so we can shower you with positive energy.

Here’s one I made earlier…I do love watercolours…

painting of girl and table of flowers by mepink rosesgate

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  • Just getting to read your Friday post this afternoon (Sunday).
    I decided to start a clear out on Friday morning, starting with my kitchen. Thinking that I’d be finished by midday………..big mistake! It was well past nine when I finally sat down. The kitchen is ‘lighter’ as Darren has remarked and the utility space got a clearing out too. I’m feeling much clearer too :). Painting the hall, sitting room and kitchen are next on my list. Creative? In a way…..and the clearing of clutter will help me focus. So that’s been my weekend so far.
    Your Friday sounds much more relaxing 🙂

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