Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman

One and a half months into my own blog I thought I’d share with you a blog I love, The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman with her children….

An award winning blogger and author, Ree Drummond lives on a remote working ranch in Oklahoma with her husband and four children.

love the Pioneer Woman because……

1.  She’s funny!

2.  She lives in a wildly different world to this one, a kind of movie set for a modern day western so it’s interesting to see what that’s like!  Despite the vast differences, and they are vast, we share a few things in common.  We’re close in age, married with children plus we share a love of movies and food……… mainly though it’s because she’s really funny!   She also takes photographs like this one…..

Just one of The Pioneer Woman’s stunning Images…

3.  Her recipes are great, we’ve tried a few in this house with good success, i.e. everyone loved them, clean plates, happy mammy!  To go straight to one of our favourites, a delicious and simple pasta sauce just click HERE

4.  Her photographs are amazing, as you’ve seen above, and her blog is just beautiful to look at…

Click HERE to visit The Pioneer Woman!

5.  She always puts a smile on my face

6.  She has gorgeous red hair…..and I think I’m done here!  It just remains to say, thanks for the inspiration and the laughs Ree : )

What blogs do you love?   What do you look for or are you new to blogs?  Do you think as I do that it’s a shame they’re called blogs?

Here are some other blogs I enjoy….click on the names to visit…. : )

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