Presenting…my annual report for 2013!

Good morning and happy ‘Nollaig na mBan’ little or women’s Christmas in Ireland.

It gives me great pleasure to present my annual report/site stats for 2013!

Just click on the image (glass of champagne) below to see how the blog has grown in 2013, my most popular posts, readership worldwide and more. There were lots of lovely surprises here, the interactive map that shows me how many readers I have per country 509 readers in France for example and readers from 118 countries in total, wow!

A special mention and good vibes go to my top commenters, Shalagh, Kerry, Joanna, Emily and Mary. It always makes my day when people comment. A blog would be a lonely place without a bit of chat so thank you ladies.

Here’s to an even bigger and brighter year in 2014…

Click on the champagne!


  1. Awww, thanks Jane. I am so proud of you. You work extraordinarily hard and it shows. I have read almost every post of yours and feel the we are kindred spirits you have payed me the support right back.
    ps glad I’m not a pest.

    1. Thanks Shalagh you’re so good to keep reading and and taking the time to comment and no I certainly have not paid you back in kind as I am bloody terrible when it comes to networking and commenting myself! I should be a pest : )

      1. We all are doing the very best we can at any given moment Jane. You take care of a lot of people. Don’t need you taking care of me too. I know you’re there. I love ya’ for it.

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