Reasons to be Cheerful

Right now I’m sitting at my desk in the laundry room, books, notebooks, plants, and my favourite morning coffee mug is by my side, the one I bought on Thomas St in 1995.

It’s a grey wet morning, very still.

The window’s open to the hill.

The air has a name,

it’s scent of sky, earth, and rain,

so pure,

it’s as if no one has ever used it before…


Reasons to be cheerful? I have more…

You know how I always say that I will keep editing my book until I know I can do nothing more with it? Until I know this is the best work I can do now? Well as of today that’s where I’m at with the first 40,000 words. Shocked is too mild a word.

So I’m setting myself a goal… to bring the second half of the book to this stage by the end of July. In the meantime the first half will be winging it’s way to my beta readers. I’m determined to have the whole book pro-edited by the end of the summer, then, If I don’t have too much follow up work, the hunt for an agent begins… 

And more…

This month we’ll be celebrating…the birthday of our smallest child, Sadhbh’s turning five. Also this month, though not till the end, our big girl Shaylyn will be coming home from her summer in New York. That mug I mentioned earlier? It’s not the only precious thing I’ve had since 1995. For also this year in December, Shaylyn’s turning 21. For reasons that need not be known, even to me, this makes me proud and very happy.

My blog stats are through the roof this past few weeks and I’ve increased my mailing/subscriber list, thank you guys! You may not have known but every click in to this website is supporting me.

Reading makes me happy too... Just this morning I read a selection of essays and articles by luminaries such as Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Kirkregaard, Ezra Pound, and Vi Hart, to name a few. I have a sick desire to always immerse myself in minds that are better than mine.

I’ve been thinking and writing about social energy, the energy, how that energy can be built on, changed, and ultimately effect the atmosphere, success, or failure of communities. Tesla himself said ‘If you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.’ As a lifelong creator this is interesting to me and ties well with a fascinating book I read at Christmas by Linda Lappin called; ‘The Soul of Place.’

‘To create is much braver and more difficult than to destroy’ – Vi Hart

‘Construction and destruction alike satisfy the will to power, but construction is more difficult as a rule, and therefore gives more satisfaction. … We construct when we increase the potential energy of the system/place in which we are interested, and we destroy when we diminish the potential energy.’ – Bertrand Russell

And finally for now…. winter is coming, I get my voice back when certain dances are over. 

The gif is by digital artist Danuta Sierhuis



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