I have a few delicious secrets I’ve been keeping. A few of you already know but I’ve decided to share them now because…

  1. The blog is affected, I’ve had and will continue to have less time for it. Had you noticed? This makes me sometimes sad but…
  2. If it wasn’t for the blog one of these things would not be happening now and so I’ll still be blogging.
  3. They’re a big deal to me and very relevant to everything I witter on about here so I’ve decided to show that I can walk the walk. I don’t just talk about it.
  4. They’ll give me not more time but more to write about…a mixed blessing.
  5. I might make more sense, well I might, you never know, and when I’m not making sense that might also make sense, if that makes sense?
  6. I can use this reveal as another motivation plus I believe from experience that when I say I’m going to do something and then when I put it in writing the words give it power and make it happen. I believed that before I even knew it was a thing. The power of intent, of words and breath. Moving on….
  7. I have no fear of failure.
  8. When I thought about it I didn’t know why I’d kept it quiet-ish this far.
  9. The time just feels right.
Jo Seated on the Old Sofa by Norman Rockwell, 1937. I always fancied myself as Jo in Little Women

So here we go…

The first thing is I’ve bought a little car and I’m learning to drive, or at least I’m about to.

Yes, yes…yes, I know it’s a shock to those who didn’t know this about me already. I don’t know how to drive. What’s my excuse? I lived in Dublin for years and never needed to, it was always on the do list, life got in the way, I’m not the most technical/mechanical person you’ve ever met. I’m afraid of my food processor remember!

The second is a bucket list thing. While there’s lots of things I want to do it wouldn’t really matter if they never happened. All except this one

I read somewhere the other day that the desire to write a book is one of the top things that people say they want to do but never do.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

So here it is in black and white,

I’m writing a book. 

I started in the summer and the only thing I know for sure is that it’s going to get finished.

And after that? After that I may tackle the food processor.

The only kind of diet I’d be interested in

Earlier this year I gave you a taster from this, my first draft. Did it raise your suspicions? My flash fiction piece was in truth a part of my novel. I called it ‘The House’ HERE

So far I’ve found a world of help and inspiration on HERE

November is national writing month and if your’re up for the challenge of writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of November check out NaNoWriMo HERE 

That’s all for now. Not bad for a Thursday. Any and all good vibes will be accepted and used in the writing of this novel…any bad vibes would definitely also be used. Beyond that it’s me and you universe…

So what do you want to do? What’s on your list or is it yet a secret? Here, have some good vibes from me for your dreams and your wishes.

Take care and chat soon, Jane x o x

19 thoughts on “Secrets”

  • I have been lurking shamelessly for ages now but I have to reply to this post. The second I saw the first picture I thought ‘that’s Jo! My hero scratching away in the garret with inky fingers’. I too have always loved her best of all the Little Women and I wanted to *be* her. She made such independent and brave choices which you are doing now, so I salute you and wish you well with your inky fingers and novel 🙂

    • Wow! Thank you for those thoughts and for ‘de-lurking’ to tell me them. I really appreciate it. Please come back again sometime : )

  • Good on you Jane – that one was on my bucket list for a while too and am self-publishing. It’s not the book I thought I would write but life is full of surprises 🙂

    Well done to you

    • Thank you Lorna, you’re self publishing efforts are very inspiring. You’ve done brilliantly there and no doubt you’ll go again in the future!

  • I only learned to drive last year Jane’s and I was considered well late at learning but it is one of the best things i ever did and I’m so glad donal give me the kick in the ass to go and get it too!!! So congrats on and best of luck in your lessons!!! Ul be spinning about in no time!! Looking forward to reading about what inspirations you see on your travels!!!! Xx

  • Jo in Little Women was also a huge inspiration to me as a little girl scribbling away in her diary. I’m proof that it’s never too late to release your inner ‘Jo’.
    I loved your flash fiction piece ‘The House’ and look forward to reading the completed novel. You can do this, you will do this and quite frankly, I’m excited for you xxx

    • Eeek! Thank you Carmel, your’re giving me goosebumps! You know that your’re a big inspiration for me so thank you for that

  • Good on you! Fair play. I drive. But only within my comfort zone/s. Example, I would die a thousand deaths if I had to drive to Dublin. Which is funny because when I lived in Ranelagh, I used to drive home all the time. But only drove back up once or twice. Your book will be fabulous!!!

  • You had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the secrets –Good on you for learning to drive –and regarding the book –You are another Elizabeth Gilbert –your writing ability and ways of expressing different experiences is amazing –your description of your dinners/receipes had me scurrying around my cupboards looking for the ingredients —thats good writing of luck Jane –you so deserve it …

    • I’m speechless at that comment Martina, thank you so much! Really means a lot to me that you think that and thank you for telling me

  • Oh My! Such Wonder Woman News! So Proud. Your family is probably so proud too. I can say the time I drove on your country’s roads (wrong side of my brain) in the rain on mountain passes was unnerving. And then I started to feel gleeful. Like I was on a ride at a theme park. In one week, I was great. Practice makes it better. Writing and driving. So proud to know your fearless self.

  • There you go again, stepping out, being brave, following a dream. And driving…a whole new way of life is about to burst upon the scene for you. I wish you much success but most of all joy in your accomplishments. Drive confidently.

  • Good Luck with driving and the book Jane its a long road but you will be so happy when you arrive! I was late learning to drive I never liked it still don’t but unfort its soo necessary. Before you know it you will be driving to Dublin for your book signing!!xxd

  • Great stuff Jane, may the force be with u ( you’re well able girl;-))
    Speakin of creativity, id like your input on my paintings!
    a bientot honey ( its been too long, years, since our paths last crossed but im coming home for good in 2014, having an a amazing time here, Canada is amazing & beautiful, made many great friends here, but i always come home eventually. love the blog honey! XXX Ali.

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